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BC Bonacure Time Restore Collection by Schwarzkopf

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As I approach turning 40 this July, I feel like suddenly I have officially turned the corner into "mature" skincare, haircare, bodycare, you name it - it needs care now! I still have yet to have major grey hair issues, but I have the few that pop up from time to time that I gracefully yank out and no more do NOT grow back in their place! While I have been using "mature skincare" aka very hydrating products for a few years now, I haven't really thought about mature haircare. I generally use products for dry and colour-treated hair, so I thought the newly revamped BC Bonacure Time Restore collection would be perfect for me or so I thought... 

The entire BC Bonacure line is 100% vegan and contains a Vegan Care Complex composed of: vegan keratin and cell equalizer technology that works to repair gaps along the hair shaft. The formulas are also free from sulphates, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, colorants and microplastics and boast a high level of biodegradability. The Time Restore collection is for extremely brittle and fragile hair that needs gentle TLC to bring back strength and lustre. The main ingredient is anti-aging fave CoQ10, referred to as Q10+, which is meant to revitalize the hair bulb. 

BC Bonacure Time Restore Collection by Schwarzkopf

Firstly, the scent of this collection was VERY nice and one I would wear as a fragrance! It smells mildly like vanilla, but not too sweet and still very warm. Really lovely! I didn't feel like it was necessary to take swatch photos of the shampoo and conditioner because they were pretty standard in terms of the shampoo being clear and viscous and the conditioner being creamy. The shampoo had a decently satisfying lather and made my hair feel clean, but did not leave it feeling particularly smooth. That's ok though since conditioners and hair masks tend to fix this!

BC Bonacure Time Restore Collection by Schwarzkopf

The conditioner did not fix it. Firstly, there is 50mL less product of conditioner vs. shampoo which I kind of understand since I personally go through shampoo much faster than conditioner. I have been told by others though that they DRENCH their hair in conditioner especially if it has been colour-treated so they end up going through conditioner at a faster rate. Well, in this case Schwarzkopf made the call for us so you WILL be using more shampoo and less conditioner! 

When I used just the shampoo and conditioner on its own, perhaps my hair felt a teensy bit more smooth when I used the conditioner, but once I started blow-drying, I could feel that my hair was super tangly. I use a Tangle Teezer all the time and even it couldn't navigate what my hair had become. I felt like I was just breaking bits of hair all over due to how knotted everything felt. I thought, "Ok, maybe what I need is to add the hair mask?"

BC Bonacure Time Restore Collection by Schwarzkopf

The colour of the mask was surprising as even though it is called a "clay" mask, I was not expecting it to be grey! This mask is supposed to detox the scalp as well as protect it from environmental stressors. It is also supposed to help the scalp feel hydrated for up to 48 hours and increase elasticity of the hair.

Unfortunately, the mask did not help either and my hair was just left feeling really tangly and never smooth. It just always felt like there were knots at the ends and after a few tries with this collection, I didn't want to put my hair through it anymore as I felt it didn't look its best. I have not tried the mask with another set of shampoos and conditioners so maybe it's worth a shot. Maybe I should have just focused on my scalp with product (even though this mask is meant for the hair from root to tip)?

BC Bonacure Time Restore Collection by Schwarzkopf

Final verdict: I don't normally have hair products not work out for me and when it came to the Time Restore collection, I was really quite sad that it did not work for my hair! The products smell so lovely that I am hesitant to give them up, but my hair is a pretty important part of how I look and feel day to day and I really didn't like how rough the texture felt. I am hoping that this collection was just not the best for my hair type as I have tried and enjoyed other Schwarzkopf products before. All in all, I am one sad girl, but I am hoping this collection works for others!

You can find the BC Bonacure Time Restore Collection at select hair salons.

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