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Sally Hansen Salon Effects Perfect Manicure

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Press-on nails have never really been my thing as I am generally able to keep my nails relatively long and decorate them, but recently I had to cut them all down after a very bad break and took it as an opportunity to test out some brand new press-on nails from none other than nail polish great Sally Hansen

The Salon Effect Perfect Manicure come in four nail shapes and 24 nail art designs so if you have ever wanted to see what your hands would look like with coffin or almond-shaped nails, you don't need to bother with growing them out or going to a salon. You can try them out for 24 hours or even a few days with these! What I love is that each kit comes with a "try-on window" meaning that there is a space underneath the display nails that let's you slide you fingertips underneath so you can see what the nails would roughly look like on your hands! That's something I have never seen before!

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Perfect Manicure

Each kit comes with adhesive tabs for short term use or nail glue if you are wanting to keep these on for let's say a week. I used the adhesive tabs which were very easy to use and apply the nails to. I have never been good at choosing the right size of press-on nail and there were A LOT of sizes in this kit to choose from. I chose the almond shaped nails in the design "Needing Space" and they did look pretty good from far away. Everyone one at work LOVED them and made me try on lots of rings (I work in jewelry) to send as photos to their clients! 

I had a BRUTAL time dealing with how long these were and how they felt on my nails. I have very curved nails so even though I pressed these nails down on my natural nails HARD, there were still gaps between the fake and real nail. I also could barely type or text and had to use the side of my nail to use my phone. I wear pantyhose for work so putting them on in the morning was a 5 minute battle and then going to the bathroom throughout the day was just a challenge I did not feel like having. I had to slow down with making my breakfast as I was chopping veggies for my wrap and then at some point during my work day, I needed to peel off a price ticket. This put a lot of pressure on the nails themselves and I could see the adhesive loosening. I think over time you would get used to them, but I could not make through and ended up removing them after I came home from work. 

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Perfect Manicure

Final verdict: These looked REALLY nice and would be great for a night out or an occasion where you didn't have to use your hands too much. When I removed the nails with warm water, I was able to peel off the adhesive tab easily and the nails looked good as new so the reusability aspect is a huge plus. They felt like very good quality and if you feel the need just to experiment with designs and different nail shapes in particular, these are a super fun option. They just aren't for me! 

You can find the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Perfect Manicure at all major drugstores.

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