SHEET MASK | Platone Active New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Sheet Mask

 Active New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Sheet Mask

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Where did the last week go? I know it was a short week, but it felt like both nothing and ALL THE THINGS happened. I have been feeling a little grumpy as of late and just wanting to stay at home with my husband and cats while sitting on the patio reading a good book. I want to be a bit of a trophy wife for a bit and take some time off honestly. I would LOVE to take the whole summer off or just go to work like 3 days a week. Ah, that would be the life, but I think I would miss working with clients and of course looking at shiny things all day! 

Today's mask is one of those random ones that we all find at Winners, but I cannot find an actual website for what looks like a pretty decent brand and product! Has anyone found these Platone masks at their local Winners? I love a good Manuka honey mask so I couldn't say no to this attractive packaging and what looked like some deliciously good skingredients!

Active New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Sheet Mask

What makes this mask special? In addition to active manuka honey, this mask also contains sweet almond oil, aloe leaf juice, squalane, avocado oil and hyaluronic acid all in the top half of the ingredients list and in a very creamy essence. There is plenty of essence and you will have lots leftover for the rest of your body!

Active New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Sheet Mask

Again, I would like to note that there was A LOT of essence leftover so your mask might feel a little "thick" with product! I had to scoop some cream off my chin and use it on my legs! 

Mask Summary:

Price: $7.99 CDN/Box of 5

What it does: Soothe and moisturize dry skin

Scent: Ever so slightly sweet

Essence Type: Very thick cream

Duration: 25 minutes (probably even longer as the mask was well-soaked in creamy essence)

Thickness: It's a pretty thick sheet (think SK-II)

Mask Fit: Pretty good, but just with a lot of wrinkles because of how thick the mask material was

Tackiness: Light for a mask that was so creamy!

Hydration: Whoa mama very good!

Other notes: N/A

Active New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Sheet Mask

Final verdict: Great one and done mask with a ton of hydration! Maybe not a mask I would reach for during the summer months, but certainly one I would pull out the rest of the year. 

You can find the Platone Active New Zealand Manuka Honey Soothing Sheet Mask at your local Winners.

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