NAILS | Is There Such a Thing as Depressing Flowers? #CBBxManiMonday

Yellow Flower Nail Art
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Welcome to the first set of nails that are truly how my nails are currently! A little shorter, but still long enough to do something fun with them although having those super long nails from last week made me realize how NICE even basic nail swatches look so I am now on a mission to grow my nails out long again! It's probably going to take a month, but I think I can manage to be careful until then!
While on the hunt for floral nail designs on shorter nails, I remembered that nail blogger Alice, from One Nail to Rule Them All, had short nails always with the cutest designs and managed to find this pretty yellow and grey number from 2017! I did my best with it, but Alice did it waaaay better! I always find drawing petals very challenging so the flowers never look as good as I would like, but I think the black and white supporting elements help make this manicure look a little more polished. The matte top coat also made this manicure look a bit more retro which I loved!

Yellow Flower Nail Art

On My Nails:

(Base Coat) OPI Nature Strong Botanical Base Coat*

(Base Colour) OPI Nature Strong It's Ashually OPI*

(Flowers) OPI Nature Strong Make My Daisy*, OPI Nature Strong Onyx Skies*, OPI Nature Strong Strong as Shell*

(Top Coat) CND Weekly Vinyl Matte Longwear Top Coat*

Yellow Flower Nail Art

Happy Monday everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their manicures this week!

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