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NAILS | Micelle Micellar Water Nail Art #ManiMonday

Sometimes silly things pop into your head when you're going the most mundane things and in this case it was while I was in the process of reviewing the La Roche Posay Micellar Water Ultra. I was was in deep thought while removing my makeup with this when I started thinking about how micelles in soap act as emulsifiers to lift oil from the surface of the skin. We know that water cannot rinse off oil so when we use soap, the hydrophobic tail inserts itself into oil (what we're trying to dissolve) while its hydrophilic head faces outward. When soap is mixed with water, micelles are formed with the oil trapped in the center and oil can now be washed away as the hydrophilic heads love water!    

Micelle Micellar Water Nail Art

For my base, I applied two coats of OPI Infinite Shine in Non-Stop White* and then sponged on OPI Infinite Shine in Suzi Without a Paddle* which is new from the OPI Fiji 2017 Collection. The micelles were pretty easy to do as all I used was green and yellow acrylic paint to dot the hydrophilic heads and hand draw the hydrophilic tails.

Micelle Micellar Water Nail Art

I sealed everything in with top coat and that was it! I think this manicure looks a little strange without the labels since who the hell draws stuff like this on their nails, but I'm sure it'll be a nice little conversation starter about soap and micellar cleansing waters!

Micelle Micellar Water Nail Art

The OPI Fiji 2017 Collection is available now.

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