NAILS | Negative Space Flowers #ManiMonday

Negative space manicures have been my go-to the last two weeks because just the simple absence of polish can turn a regular old swatch into a sought-after minimalist nail art. I was feeling the urge to do more negative space, when the thought of flowers also permeated my brain. Next, came the Pinterest surfing where I happened upon this gorgeous manicure done by nail art goddess So Nailicious. Everything about this woman's perfect hand position and manicures always has me in awe! I still like her manicure better, but my flowers still looked decently springy by the end of it!

Negative Space Flower Nail Art

I used all Essence polishes for this manicure starting with the Essence Base Coat since your nails still need protection even without full coats of nail polish! For my flower colours, I used the shades: Wild White Ways*, Be Awesome Tonight!*, Play With My Mint*, #Lucky* and Indian Summer*. I dotted on the flower shapes with a large dotting tool and then dotted the centers with Black is Back*. I waited for the dots to fully dry to avoid smearage and then used a thick shiny top coat. Don't use too liquid of a top coat because you can smear those dots very easily thanks to the watery consistency!

Negative Space Flower Nail Art

I can't believe it's already May. That is so much closer to summer than April! I'm so excited for sun and heat right now!

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