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I figured it was time to try something new and the "Drip Marble" technique has been on my nail art bucket list for a couple of months now so because it takes a bit of time, I decided to try my hand at it over the long weekend. Since I find water marbling so incredibly messy and time consuming, I'm always looking for ways to get the look without as much work. This technique involves dripping nail polish on to a plastic lid or something that you can pick up and rotate and manually, swirling the colours around and into each other. This technique gives a more random marbling pattern, but still comes out quite pretty. There are a number of videos on how to do the Drip Marble technique so pick your favourite!

A England Drip Marble Nail Art

Earlier this week, I was all excited about the new A England "A Sargent's Vision" collection because each colour is honestly so gorgeously holo! I was looking at all the colours and thought they would make perfect candidates for a drip marble mani!

I started by dripping large drops of A England Nocturne*, which is a dark black holo polish, that was nice in terms of giving the other shades an outline, but was a bitch to clean up from my cuticles! I then randomly dripped the other three colours of Symphony in Blue and Silver*Symphony in Green and Gold* and Carnation Lily Lily Rose* in Nocturne and once I was satisfied with the colour dispersal, picked up my plastic lid and just started swirling and spreading the polish around to make a cool pattern. Don't swirl too much though as the colours can start to look muddy.

A England Drip Marble Nail Art

You will need to wait a few hours for the polish to dry, so what I did was go to the movies and watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2. By the time I came home, the polish was dry and my decals were ready! Since the pieces will be fairly large, it is easier to trim them to roughly the size of your nail. Apply a base coat to give your decal something to adhere to. Apply the decal to your nail and shape it to your nail. This process is very similar to the application of nail strips. Trim or melt away the excess decal with acetone and clean up the cuticles. This part took the longest as cleaning up black was such a headache which is why my cuticles and surrounding skin look so dry! I also applied a top coat to just the nail to help with getting rid of the excess polish. 

Top it all off with a shiny top coat and you are ready to rock! Unfortunately there was no sunlight when these nails were done so you will have to live with my unsightly flash photography. 

A England Drip Marble Nail Art

The A England A Sargent's Vision collection is available now at Nail Polish Canada.

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