MAKEUP | Quo Cosmetics Matte Revolution Foundation with Before and After Face Shots

Foundation is probably one of the last makeup products I really got into (after brow products) because it is one of the most terrifying things to apply on your face. It isn't a product like an eyeshadow or a lipstick that is just a small fraction of your face, but involves ALL OF YOUR FACE. If you have the wrong colour or less than stellar blending, there is no coming back from it. For years I stayed away until I discovered roughly what colour family my skin was in and though I still prefer a more natural finish to my skin, I have come to love foundation to the point where I treat it like skincare. I have probably 30 foundations that I rotate through on a daily basis and with new foundations, BB creams and cushions coming out all the time, I find myself always up for trying something new!

This year Quo Cosmetics released the Matte Revolution Foundation* ($24.00 CDN), a foundation and concealer in one that provides full coverage while feeling absolutely weightless. The formula is creamy and promises to blend seamlessly to even out skin tone and give skin the ultimate matte finish. This kind of finish is foreign to me as I prefer my skin dewy, but as I have been getting more and more into matte lipsticks, maybe a matching foundation might be interesting?

Quo Cosmetics Matte Revolution Foundation Review

I see matte finish foundations on other people a lot and when I worked in Sephora, a matte finish was the only way to come into work! I always went with dewy skin being a skincare rep because I felt like clients would wonder why I looked so made up while trying to promote a natural skincare brand. Like if the brand you work for gives you such great skin, why are you wearing high coverage foundation?

Quo Cosmetics Matte Revolution Foundation Review

I received shades #1 and #2 with #2 being the better option for my light-medium skin tone. This foundation is for all skin types, even sensitive, and is definitely full coverage which I have never used before. I applied this foundation with a damp Beauty Blender and a few dabs goes a VERY long way! All of my redness, dark circles and areas of blotchy skin tone were just erased! I can see why people like this finish and coverage! Matte skin looks a little flatter as dewy gives the skin dimension by having skin shine in all the right spots, but I didn't mind. This felt like totally new skin for me!

Quo Cosmetics Matte Revolution Foundation Review

It's funny because #1 SHOULD work with my skin tone as #2 looks quite orange on my skin tone when swatched, but then on my face #2 seems to work! 

Quo Cosmetics Matte Revolution Foundation Review

You can see that on the right side of my face, there is shine from the ring light where my face is bare and on the left there is no reflection. Matte foundation reflects nothing! This is when I am so amazed by the science of makeup! 

Quo Cosmetics Matte Revolution Foundation Review
Right side bare

Final verdict:
This is probably the most intense foundation coverage I have ever worn and though I can't say that I enjoy this kind of coverage every day, I did enjoy the finish way more than I thought I would. The matte finish lasted all day so that even when I came home I still looked relatively shine-free and polished so if you are looking for something long-lasting and matte in finish that doesn't feel like you are wearing the world's weight in foundation give this Quo one a try!

Quo Cosmetics is available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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