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One thing I don't discuss much are the products behind my nails and nail polish even though these are the products that are vital to making my manicure look pretty and long-lasting. Over the years I have accumulated quite the collection of top and base coats, cuticle treatments - all things that promise unequivocal shine and longevity so I definitely have my preferences! A little while ago, Duri sent me a couple of "peripheral" nail products to try and after using all of these for the last, I kid you not, 5 months I have decided on my favourites that I now use all the time!

Duri Nail Treatments Review

Rejuvacote* is Duri's bread and butter. Before I had even heard of or tried their polishes, the Rejuvacote Nail Growth System is what I had seen sold in stores and talked about amongst nail bloggers. My nails are fairly strong on the left, but the right hand leaves much to be desired and now for the first time in awhile, the nails on my right hand are finally growing past my actual nail beds! Hallelujah! It also dries quickly which may not always be the case with treatments like these as the consistency can also be almost "creamy" at times. It is also great for preventing staining as I have worn numerous blues, reds and purples in these last 5 months without even a speck of residual colour.

Miracote* is a fast-drying, wet finish top coat so if you want your manicure to look almost lickable, THIS is my top coat of choice. The only times I do not use it are when I have done nail art using acrylic paints or water decals because the liquid finish of this top coat seems to "blur" the finer details, but thankfully does not cause nail polish shrinkage.

Duri Rejuvacote Miracote Review

Brush'n Go* is VERY similar in finish to Miracote, but has an even faster drying time if you can believe it! 3 minutes and my nails were dry to the touch and I was able to take photos and be mobile again. This formula is also a bit better at not streaking nail art so I tend to use it slightly more than Miracote because God help me if I have slaved away on a set of nails only to have it smeared.

Drop'n Go* are polish drying drops which I believe are ABSOLUTELY necessary in any nail polish lover's life. Yes, we have extremely fast drying top coats, but drying drops make that process even faster and harden nail polish in an almost armor-like manner. The only thing I did not like about these dry drops was the oily residue left behind as there is mineral oil in the formulation. I kind of like my dry drops to evaporate in a few minutes because I usually take photos right away and for some reason hate having oily-looking cuticles. If you have time to chill, this probably won't bother you much!  

Duri Brush and Go Drop and Go Review

Lastly, the Herbatherapy Cuticle Treatment* is just the best-smelling thing ever! This is a blend of cosmetic grade mineral oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil and thyme stem and because of the thyme, it reminds me so much of taking a seasoned chicken out of the oven! This is a very thick treatment oil, but if your cuticles are in serious need of moisture, this stuff will give them some serious TLC!

Duri Herbatherapy Cuticle Treatment Review

Duri Herbatherapy Cuticle Treatment Review

Hopefully, these will help some of you with your nail care routine!

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