NAILS | Avon Gel Finish 7 in 1 Nail Enamel in Dazzle Pink

I don't think single nail swatches like this really get a lot of interest, but this kind of post reminds of ye old blogging days when I would just post a nail polish I was loving that week and then you wouldn't see me for another week because I didn't blog about makeup or want anyone to know my name or see my face. Obviously things have changed and instead of the lazy pace I used to move at, it feels like there are so many products and releases to cover. I've never been the fastest or the one with the complete set of swatches because there are a ton of other blogs that can give you that. I generally prefer to do nail art over swatches unless a polish is so stunningly unique that art would detract from its beauty, but this week has been a long one and today will be just a swatch, but a pretty one! 

Avon Gel Finish in Dazzle Pink Swatch
In the Fall of 2013, Avon released a brand new line of 7-in-1 gel finish polishes boasting shine, gel-like finish, protection, strengthener, vivid colour, base and top coat. I found the nearest Avon rep and bought almost every shade available at the time of release. I had seen enough blogger reviews to be completely entranced by what looked like a fabulous formula.

The first piece of advice I'd give is to always wear a base coat no matter what! For a lighter shade like this Dazzle Pink*, staining is probably not going to be an issue, but for blues and reds you will regret not wearing one. While you can probably survive without a top coat, the other reason top coats exist is to DRY nail polish more quickly and without it, this polish like any polish will take much longer than what you're used to. The first time I used this polish, it was still not fully dry a full day after I had done my manicure so just use a top coat! On its own though, these Gel Finish polishes reign as one of my favourites for solid colours for nail art or just beautifully opaque manicures. Even a shade like Dazzle Pink, a shade I don't normally wear, was one that I found really nice!

Avon Gel Finish in Dazzle Pink Swatch

If you haven't had a chance to try out the Avon Gel Finish polishes, you really need to just find an Avon rep or order through one online because they are probably one of the best formulas out there! Every single colour has an easy, self-leveling formula with a lot of the colours easily being one coaters. Dazzle Pink was closer to a two, but for a colour so sheer there wasn't any VNL and wore beautifully all week!

Avon Gel Finish Polishes are available through your friendly neighbourhood Avon Representative.

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