February 2013 Beauty Box 5 Birthday Edition

Boy oh boy am I excited about THIS beauty box! The February BB5 was arrived later than usual because of its unusually heavy weight…hmmm and what was it you ask? Nothing short of an all together fantabulous BB5! I had no idea that they had been around for one year (same time as Glossybox), but I do remember a bit of a lackluster start with a foil packets being passed off as actual samples. My my how things have changed! And in keeping in theme with BB5’s colour scheme, everything in February’s box is blue blue blue!


H20+ Bath Aquatics ShampooDSC_0139

Thoughts: What a cute looking sample! This smells very refreshing and reminds me of nature.

Full size: 8.5 fl oz/$14.00

I received: 1.25 fl oz/$2.06

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Coconut LimeDSC_0140

Thoughts: Here is the culprit that made the boxes late! I signed up for BB5 after Tree Hut was introduced into the boxes and have been wondering when I would get a chance to sample some awesome Tree Hutness! This body scrub smells overwhelmingly more like coconut than lime which is unfortunate, but it is such a fun colour that I can get over it.

Full size: 18oz/$7.49

I received: 5.5oz/$2.29

The Brush Guard Variety PackDSC_0141

Thoughts: I have actually been using Brush Guards for about 2 years, but I can always use more! They are a great little invention and I love that I can dry my brushes standing up so that water doesn’t flow back into the ferrule.

Full size: 4 pack/$5.50

I received: 3 pack/$4.13

Coolway BoostDSC_0142

Thoughts: This product intrigues me as you have to wait at least 2 days between applications (eeek!) and makes me wonder what it is actually doing to my hair! You need at least 2 –3 teaspoons per application which is quite a lot, so this 30mL sample will be done in about 2 weeks!

Full size: 8oz/$39.95

I received: 1 oz/$4.99

BB5 Foldable Brush CompactDSC_0143

Such a cute little birthday bonus! My brush portion is a  little wonky, but definitely still usable!


Total Value of February BB5: $13.47

I’m very pleased with what I received and have consistently been happy with every box that I have received since my very first one in August of last year. There is no fancy packaging like Glossybox, just good products!


  1. Looks like a pretty good box!
    I have never heard of some of the products before.. which is always nice!


    1. That's one of the things I really enjoy too, not knowing of a brand. Sometimes it's nice to have a well-known brand, but with BB5 there are a lot of brands in Texas that I have been able to try and had never even heard of!

  2. I have one of those brush thingies and it is actually quite handy ^^ Nice products you got, enjoy! xx

    1. Oh cool! I've just put it in my purse for now, but it seems like a handy tool to have!

  3. I have one of those brushes too! WEll mine was from Dollarama... and it broke but then I did drop it at the pool LOL but it still works. It is just a hassle to shut now.
    I would have loved the Sugar Scrub!

    1. The brush is in my purse for now and it looks like a handy tool to have around!
      I cannot wait to use the sugar scrub!! Its blueness entices me!

  4. love this box too! i actually prefer it smelling more coconut-y than lime-y :)
    i am excited to get the next one... should be in a week or so!

    1. I am excited too! I love BB5 and always look forward to what's in each box. I am rarely disappointed.

  5. Aw I really like the color scheme! Great items :) I love those brush guards!

    1. Aren't they great? They make brush cleaning a wee bit more enjoyable.