The Latest in Shoppers Drug Mart Sinnage!

I feel like there is always an event at Shoppers Drug Mart and now it has gotten to a point where I honestly do not know what I need/want anymore! I think I’m going to take a little Shoppers break for a bit because I was going through my stash the other day and I truly have a sickness…I absolutely have to start “shopping my stash” as Beauty Balm puts it. The last Shoppers points event I participated in was at the beginning of this month and for $75 worth of beauty products, 18 500 points were given out which is an extra $25 of points!


Klorane Shampoo and Conditioner with Magnolia

I have read some positive reviews about Klorane and when I saw this line on sale for $10, I knew it was the perfect time to try it. This particular line is all about the magnolia flower known for the resistance and shine in its leaves. This protective element is called the cuticle and is a wax that Klorane has extracted to provided hair with a similar shine. Now, most plants have a cuticle so I don’t know what it is about the magnolia flower that makes its cuticle the best one out there. Maybe someone in plant biology can tell me?

Klorane Leave-In Spray with Magnolia

My Moroccanoil Glimmer Spray is about to run out and I like using a shine spray after I’ve straightened my hair and this spray claims to be very lightweight and to give my hair a brilliant shine.


Quo Make Up Remover Wipes with Bonus Mini Eye Make Up Remover Pads

These were on sale for $10 and I had read that the mini eye make up remover pads were very well liked by other bloggers and swap partners in other areas of the world so now is my turn to try!

Essence Colour & Go in Black is Back Nail Polish

I’ve been looking for another black polish to replace my favourite OPI-Black Onyx as I think all black polishes are created equal…for the most part and at a price tag of $1.50, Essence seemed like the perfect place to start. I used it for the first time in my last nail art post and loved it! My brush was a little wonky, but I made it work. Great coverage in two coats!

Quo Pearl Eye Liner in Platinum

This is a smooth, iridescent silver eyeliner that I  may have bought on a bit of a whim, but it was just so pretty when I swatched it.


Bioderma Sensibio Micelle Solution for Sensitive Skin

After purchasing the mini version of this and having it be a February favourite, I knew this product was going to be staple so when I saw the full size bottle on sale for $17.49, I got greedy and bought two! This stuff is great and may look just like water, but is SO much more!


Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer for Dry Skin

Okay, okay enough of you bloggerettes have said too many wonderful things about this new line of Vaseline moisturizers that when it ended up being $4.99 and 15x the points into the cart it went! It is so much fun to use and very moisturizing! I’ve been using it when I feel lazy which is pretty much all the time after a long day!

Roc Enydrial Hand Cream and Lip Balm

A 50mL hand cream and a full size lip balm for $10? Count me in! I thought this was such a great deal!


Avene Gift Set with Candle, Gentle Body Scrub and Body Oil

For $21, this Avene gift set was another buy that was too good to pass up! The candle was kind of random and didn’t even have a scent. I love body scrubs and always enjoy trying new ones so having a full size one to try from a company that I have also heard wonderful things about is something I look forward to greatly!

There you have it! Nothing too crazy, but enough to make me feel a little guilty…have any of you tried any of the products I purchased?


  1. I love you new purchase!
    These products are calling my name!
    hahaha, I googled each of it and the reviews are promising!
    I'll stay tuned for an in depth review of these.
    Love it, really!
    Riza of Pour L'Instant

    1. LOL, they definitely called MY name when I was shopping! I hope to review these soon! Thank you for following!

  2. Wow you got amazing things as always Jayne! You might have a problem like you said LOL but you sure are a shopper with a conscience because all of these are varied and have been raved about so they're probably going to be great, like Klorane. I've been wanting to try that brand for ages, but it is so damn expensive here that the price tag always puts me off. Two Bioderma bottles... lucky you!!! Can I come over to your house and play with your stash? haha xx

    1. ahahah, please come over! You can do my makeup anime-style and I will do the nails!
      My conscience has been very loud lately and I think I need to start listening to it and stay away from beauty sections!

  3. Haha I love when Bioderma products go on sale at Shoppers! I get a little greedy, too! I ended up picking up a couple of the 500ml bottles though -- I'm such a sucker for packaging & the new "pump" had me sold. I also picked up a few things from Nuxe.. I've never tried the brand before but it seems to be appearing in more and more of the blogs I've been reading.. and I'm a sheep lol :) x

    1. Ummm, I did not see the pump! That's probably why these bottles were on sale! Now, I'm going to be on the lookout for the new packaging as I am sucker for it too!
      I was wanting to get the new Nuxe lip balm, but my SDM was all sold out! Haha, I think we're ALL sheep at some point!

  4. I find shopper dangerous lol. I've been avoiding all drug stores lately and slowed right down with the purchasing of anything! Good haul though ;)

    1. I'm going to try staying away as well, but my issue is that I work so close to an SDM and tend to sneak in there on my lunch breaks!

  5. You must have so many Shoppers points... it takes me forever to accumulate them and I actually shop at Shoppers (for groceries) fairly frequently! I love that Bioderma stuff too... love when it goes on sale.

    xo, alison*elle

    1. I currently have 117 000 points, but it's funny how that's nothing compared to what some of my other friends have!! They usually have triple that amount!
      SDM sales are some of the best! I've never seen clearance sections quite like theirs!

  6. Replies
    1. They make me feel so much better :) I love SDM. It's good to be Canadian. LOL!

  7. I don't really know much about beauty products (nail polish excluded.) After reading this, I feel like I need to stock up on other beauty supplies. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. The first "stock up" run is the most awesome one. It is so much fun and you will come back with the most amazing goodies!

  8. You always find awesome products! The only thing I've tried out of the items you got is the Essence nail polish...just in a different color lol

    1. Traci! You need to try some of this other stuff!