Kiss | Nail Dress Strips in Mistletoe

Nothing says festive like holiday nails which is why the ever awesome Kiss Nail Dress Holiday series is sure to delight and be the life of any Christmas party! When it comes to drugstore nail strips, Kiss always has a TON of designs to suit every personality and occasion. Today I’m going to try out the Kiss Nail Dress strips in the pattern “Mistletoe” which is awesomely bejewelled!







Price: $10.99 although I have seen them as low as $8.99 at London Drugs

Final Results: The Kiss Nail Dress strips promise to be on in minutes and off in seconds without remover. Seeing as how they are stickers and not made of real nail polish, removing them just involved me slowly peeling the stickers from my nails. I am not particularly fast at applying nail strips and I kid you not, I probably took about 30 minutes to put these on as I had issues with filing off the edges.

These are supposed to last up to a week and I actually did force myself to wear them for about 4 days, but my right hand was suffering from some MAJOR tip wear that was very obvious due to the black base of the nail strips. I did not wear top coat as it tends to do funny things to nail strips if you aren’t explicitly told that top coat is okay to use.

You can see that I have quite a bit of puckering at the tips of my nails and even after watching many many YouTube videos of how to apply these, I could not get that puckering to smooth out! I have a set of Kiss Nail strips that are a little bit thinner than “Mistletoe” so I’m hoping that I will have a smoother finish with them. I had some issues with overfiling while trying to file off the excess strip, causing me to change the shape of my nail!

I did receive numerous compliments on these nail strips though as they are incredibly elegant and wonderful for a night out. I did not like doing laundry or other chores with them as getting them wet so often made them look much more ragged. I would never have the skills to recreate this manicure on my own so having such “dressed up” nail strips can really come in handy. I think they look great when they are freshly done and if your nails aren’t too curved like mine, will probably be free of puckering at the nail edge. Overall, I think these nail strips are fairly easy to use and give anyone a manicure that is sure to add a little something special to any holiday outfit!


PR sample provided for review. Can you tell all my opinions are my own? I pretty much wrote an essay!

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