Swatch It Up | Doctor Lacquer–Mistletoe the Line

I have a new indie polish love and it is Doctor Lacquer! This is a polish brand that jumped out at me because of wonderful thermal polishes in every collection especially my favourite one, Hormonal Efficiency! Hormones were always my favourite thing to learn about in school so to see polishes named after them was nothing short of amazing! I did get the entire collection, but since we’re in the middle of the holidays, I figured I’d show a Christmas polish first! This is Mistletoe the Line, which is a “cold-sensitive thermal crelly with a white base when warm, that turns mint green when cold. Mistletoe the Line has a delicate mix of festive holiday colors!”



I really had a hard time capturing my nails when this polish was fully green or fully white, but at least I got the green tips! This wasn’t exactly mint green for me and most of the time was not the most flattering colour on me, but it was incredibly festive and unique which garnered me many compliments asking about what polish I had on my nails. I believe Mistletoe the Line is now sold out so I feel badly showing this off to you guys, but maybe it’ll come back in stock if you ask nicely?

Hope you are all having a great Sunday afternoon!

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