Coming Soon–China Glaze Crinkled Chromes!

On the heels of the ever popular textured polishes comes a brand new 6 polish collection from China Glaze! We all love pastels in the spring, but who says we can’t wear them in Winter as well? The Crinkled Chrome collection combines the iciness and shimmer of winter with the femininity of a spring pastel and the edginess of a textured polish.

Winter is a time of shimmer and shine.  Frost glistens on windows, lights twinkle in the night and decorations adorn doorways. This January, give your nails a shine all their own with Crinkled Chrome from China Glaze®.  High-shine chrome meets wintery pastels in this crinkled metal look. Chrome takes on a feminine flair with China Glaze® Crinkled Chrome.  Six gorgeous colours retain the sophisticated, polished appeal of the season, but add a contemporary edge and sense of novelty to winter nails.



Aluminate – cool silverCG_BTL_81257_I'M_A_C#B81851

I’m a Chromantic – baby pinkCG_BTL_81258_CRUSH_C#B8184D

Crush, Crush Baby – powder purpleCG_BTL_81259_IRON_OU#B8184B

Iron Out The Details – icy blueCG_BTL_81260_DON'T_B#B81849

Don’t Be Foiled – soft tealCG_BTL_81261_WRINKLI#B81846

Wrinkling the Sheets – light powder green

The limited edition 6-piece collection will be available in January 2014. I cannot wait to see what these look like in real life!

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