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You guys know of my mad stamping skills that have yet to amount to anything more than a childlike attempt at what is supposed to be “art”, so when KKCenterHK offered me the opportunity to try soft stamping, I figured I didn’t have anything to lose because I am already pretty awful at it! I chose a super cute stamping plate with designs that I thought might come in handy in the future.



The bottom of the stamp is rubber and tends to attract quite a bit of dust so definitely keep it sealed until you’re ready to use it. I would still give it a good swipe of nail polish remover just prior to using it.

I began by painting my nails two coats of this absolutely gorgeous purple called Fall Day from Pandora’s Makeup Box new Rexall launch! These polishes retail for just $4.99 and have the most beautiful formula!



Here is where the fun begins. Don’t make fun of me. They did not turn out…I SHOULD HAVE watched a video before starting. I stamped with Pandora’s Polish-Bunny Rabbit and Konad-Silver. Then to remedy my “art”, I painted one coat of China Glaze-Fairy Dust because we all know that glitter saves the day.



Price: $7.79 USD

Results/Discussion: Firstly, watching a video as opposed to reading the somewhat vague instructions would have been ideal. I didn’t realize that to get rid of the excess polish on the stamp, I would need to WIPE the stamper across paper as opposed to “"STAMPING” it off.

As for the stamper itself. It didn’t have as much give as I would have thought and I had to press quite hard to transfer the pattern. This was especially difficult when I wanted to stamp on the tips of my nails as there was no nail bed to support how much force I was applying. The rolling motion which is what I thought should have worked, but it did not. Pressing down directly with the soft stamp works much more effectively.

I think this is actually a really fun tool for kids or the kid in you! The stamp itself has brightly coloured patterns and kids aren’t all that picky about whether a design has a clean transfer. I DID have fun actually using the soft stamp as you don’t need to have as many tools out to use it. You just need: nail polish, nail polish remover, the soft stamp and a piece of paper so there was definitely a lot less clutter and clean-up than with classic stamping.

Conclusion: I am so obviously a novice when it comes to stamping, but just based on how this soft stamper is built structurally, if you want a CLEAN pattern transfer (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) the classic metal stamping plate is still your better bet. Soft stamping requires more force to stamp because the polish sits recessed within the pattern itself while the classic stamp has the pattern sitting entirely on the surface of the stamper. The size of the soft stamper also made things more awkward because the force of stamping was spread out over a larger surface area (4.2cm diameter) as opposed to having the same amount of force distributed over the much smaller surface area of the classic stamper (2.3cm diameter). I know that was probably the most boring discussion, so kudos to anyone who read it!

Who has tried soft stamping before?

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PR sample sent to me for trying and sharing my honest opinion with you all!

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