Shoppers Drug Mart Redemption Goodies!

There was a Shoppers Drug Mart super redemption event about two weeks ago and I cannot believe it has taken me so long to share what I picked up with you all! Time is just flying and work has been long and very busy so forgive me for this and all future tardiness! I wasn’t going to redeem any points, but then I saw two things that my heart had always wanted…dear Mia and the most overpriced LED lamp I’ve ever seen.


I first saw this pink Orly LED Lamp a few months ago and when I saw the $85 price tag, I couldn’t justify it…but then I saw this holiday set for $100 that had two Quo by Orly polishes ($10 each) as well as a primer and base/top coat. Still a bit of an indulgence, but this is exactly what redemption days are for!  




The lamp is the cutest thing ever and when folded is the thickness of a phone. I have used it a few times and it’s wonderful! The lamp is charged via USB and three different time settings. I would have preferred the lamp to be a little more solid as the plastic is quite light and feels a bit flimsy, but I love it anyway Smile.



I picked up the very last pink Mia and although I have been holding out for awhile, going back and forth about whether I should pick one up, I knew that this was the perfect time to get a Clarisonic to call my own! I have really enjoyed cleansing with it and will let you know how my skin behaves over the next few weeks now that I have started using it.

I saw some really great redemptions out there so I hope you all enjoyed mine!

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