Born Pretty | Blue and Green Microbead/Fish Egg Nail Art

The infamous “fish egg” manicure since I can’t use the other word or risk being sued by “the nail polish company who cannot be named”. I didn’t really like it or want to try it when it first entered the nail art seen 2 years ago. I feel like this is sort of creepy nail look and makes me think of larvae which is probably why I have waited so long to do it. Leave to Born Pretty to make me curious about this form of nail art again!

fish egg microbead manicure

You get 12 bottles of microbeads in different colours which is more than enough to fulfill your fish egg manicure colour desires! You can also mix the colours to get a multi-coloured effect.
fish egg microbead manicure
fish egg microbead manicure
When the nail polish is still relatively wet, I found that the best way to coat my nail was to get a small, curved dish so that I could just roll my nail in the beads to get maximum coverage. I then pushed some of the beads with tweezers that were going astray and added some where there were bare patches. I couldn’t get every spot, but I didn’t want to drive myself insane. Is it weird that I was also scared that I would breathe in the beads?? Once I applied a top coat, the beads stuck. Big time. I had to soak my nails in remover for a bit to remove them and the blue beads dyed my nails.
The effect of beaded nails is pretty cool and maybe I’ll mix up the colours to see if I can have more fun with them. I’m just not a fan of the look in general, but I can see why people enjoy them as the application process was pretty fun. Like jumping into a ball pit, but for your nails!
PR samples sent for review.

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