Welcome to the Stayfree Panty Party and Ditch Those Granny Panties!

Granny panties. I have to admit that I do keep a few just for that “time of the month” and they are less than flattering, but are the only thing I feel comfortable in when wearing most pads. The bigger they are, the safer I feel in knowing the my pad isn’t going to shift around. Something about surface area. Stayfree has pledged to have women everywhere ditch their granny panties for good with The Panty Party which even includes an Instagram contest asking for the “ugliest undies” ever in Canada!

When I was asked to participate in the Stayfree Challenge I was oddly excited as I have always had a fascination with the blue liquid that gets poured onto various pads in the TV commercials and combined with being a female pad user this was certainly an opportunity to feel like a scientist again and just have some fun!  

stayfree challenge

Are you going to take me more seriously now that I am wearing glasses?

stayfree challenge

stayfree challenge

The Stayfree Challenge Tool Kit:

Three bottle with 5mL of blue saline liquid in each

Three 5lb weights

Three blotting sheets

One package Stayfree Ultra Thin pads

Bags containing two competitive ultra thin pad brands

A placement sheet indicating where each pad can be placed for the test

stayfree challenge

Lay down your placement sheet and stick each pad in their respective spots.

stayfree challenge

Pour 5mL of liquid on the center of each pad and wait 30 seconds for liquid to absorb. Competitor #2 had liquid running everywhere…

stayfree challenge

Place a blotting sheet on each pad.

stayfree challenge

Place a 5lb weight on top of the blotting sheet on each pad and wait for 5 seconds. This was hard to really stick to as the first weight you put down would obviously be on the pad for more than 5 seconds unless you had two other people helping out. I do not think this significantly affected results though.

stayfree challenge

Remove each weight to see the results! I think we have a clear winner here with the Stayfree pad! Competitor #1 was so wet that the blotting paper was stuck to the weight. I actually thought Competitor #2 would have been the worst with the liquid run-off, but it locked in liquid better than #1. Stayfree looked dry as a bone. I am a user of #2 so it looks like I’ll have to make a switch to Stayfree seeing as how I have been uncomfortable in my nether regions ever since using them…

jayne lim cosmetic proof

Listen to sexy scientist Jayne. Stayfree wins.

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