*Father’s Day* The Body Shop | White Musk Sport Gift Set

When it comes to gift sets, The Body Shop always has a knack for putting together an array of products that grab my attention with their selection as well as at a reasonable price! Father’s Day is tomorrow and we all know that men rarely pamper themselves with product. I think they leave it to the women in their lives to keep their beauty product supply going! This year The Body Shop has a few different gift sets for the man in your life with today’s post being more about the “sportier man” and his possible love for White Musk Sport Gift Set ($45.00) which comes beautifully packaged in a metallic blue tin.

A vibrant, zesty scent, ideal for the man on the move, with notes of grapefruit and lemon fused with amber. Includes the Eau de Toilette, Hair & Body Wash and Anti-Perspirant Deodorant.

the body shop white musk sport

the body shop white musk sport

the body shop white musk sport hair body wash

My husband and I got a laugh out of the “Activate your sensuality” phrase on the bottle as I can’t really see a “sporty guy” embracing this phrase and making it his mantra. The scent was more on the amber than on the grapefruit side as I could only pick up the zest very faintly. The concept of a hair and body wash is great for taking to the gym or even when you are in a morning rush. Shampoo and body wash are PRETTY much the same thing anyway and I have heard other male friends tell me they use their shampoo as body wash anyway. At least when it’s on the packaging, it’s “officially okay” to do so!

the body shop white musk sport eau de toilette

This is a massive bottle of fragrance with the grapefruit scent being slightly more obvious in the eau de toilette format. Both my husband and I really liked the scent as it wasn’t too musky or overwhelming. I actually think this is a great summer scent for men!

the body shop white musk sport anti perspirant

the body shop white musk sport anti perspirant

This is an anti-perspirant with the plastic rollerball, which neither one of us actually tried because he doesn’t really sweat that much (lucky) so an anti-perspirant is probably not necessary for him. The scent is great in this format and is again not overwhelming and overdone like you’ve got something to hide…

There you have it! A great little trio of products for dad, boyfriend, husband or just awesome male friend! 

All gift sets currently in Body Shop stores across Canada.

PR samples sent for review.

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