Topbox | May 2014

May’s Topbox actually “made me” go out and purchase one product almost the day after and in terms of percentage, makeup products were 50% of the box which is not bad. What I was most pleased about was the new release from Benefit that was included! I’m sure you all know what it is by now, but it was nice to receive it around the same time stores like Shoppers Drug Mart did. This month’s Topbox also did not come in a box, but in a purple organza bag. I personally don’t mind either way as long as the products inside are good!

may topbox

Kinetics | Nail Colour in Top of the Wave

may topbox kinetics nail colors

Apply one or two coats as needed for a beautiful finish!

Thoughts: I have never heard of this nail polish company, but the colour sure is on trend for the season and VERY pretty!

Full size: 15mL/$9.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Mereadesso | All in One Moisturizer

may topbox kinetics nail colors mereadesso

Apply a thin layer to face, neck and around the eyes twice daily after washing. If mild exfoliation occurs, gently buff with a damp facecloth between applications. This sachet should last approximately two weeks with normal usage.

Thoughts: I don’t think I have used a lotion from Mereadesso before, just the neck gel. I just love the way this product has a little re-sealable opening!

Full size: 12mL/$28.00 or 50mL/$120.00 (WOW!)

I received: 12mL/$28.00 (I totally thought this was a sample size, but I guess this is a legit travel size!)

Elizabeth Arden | Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion

may topbox elizabeth arden

Everyone’s skin has its own ideal moisture level. Help maintain yours all day with this oil-free, skin balancing lotion for combination skin. SPF 15 helps protect your skin from sun damage. Clinically and dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic.

Thoughts: I am absolutely overloaded with skincare right now, but what’s nice about this moisturizer is that it has SPF 15 which comes in handy now that my new office faces the sun.

Full size: 50mL/$48.00

I received: 5mL/$4.80

Benefit Cosmetics | Hydrating Tinted Lip Tint in Posie Balm

may topbox benefit cosmetics

Wear this new hydrating balm alone for a sheer kiss of colour…or glide on over your favourite tint for a moisturizing and conditioning boost.

Thoughts: I was MOST excited about seeing this as it was a new product for Benefit and was not even in the Shoppers I shop at yet! I have reviewed Lollibalm before and actually purchased it the day after receiving my Topbox. You will see from my review that I was more impressed with the packaging than the actual product alone.

Full size: 3g/$22.00

I received: 0.5g/$3.67

Total Value of May Topbox: $45.47

I think the Mereadesso moisturizer being worth $28.00 is a bit much as I feel like this Topbox is more like a ~$20 value, but I did like the chance to try a Benefit product around the time of its release and I liked the nail polish colour that I received. So, in other words I’m happy.

Don’t you just love how I am perpetually behind with these boxes? Thank you for bearing with me and still reading my posts!

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