Dove Advanced Hair Care Series | Oxygen Moisture Leave-In Foam and Root Lift Spray

The Dove Oxygen Moisture line is killing it when it comes to products that are working for my hair! In conjunction with the shampoo and conditioner that I have previously reviewed, I have also been using the Leave-In Foam ($7.98) and Root Lift Spray ($7.98) both of which I have been enjoying to add volume and give life to my hair.

dove oxygen moisture

dove oxygen moisture leave in foam

Dove Oxygen Moisture Leave-In Foam

I am a very low maintenance hair person and when I see a product like this I get overwhelmed and don’t know how to fit it into my hair routine. Luckily, this product is just as low maintenance as my routine and all that is required is one pump which I rub into my hair (mid-length to ends) to maintain a light hold. I thought the foam would leave a crispy residue, but it was nothing like that at all! In fact, I never would have known there was any product in my hair because it still felt just as silky and weightless as before, but just held its shape better especially when my hair had some waviness to it. It’s not a replacement for hairspray, but provides very light hold while providing some moisture.

dove oxygen moisture leave in foam

This is one pump which I found to be enough for my purposes, but anywhere from one to two pumps should do it.  It really IS a foam!

dove oxygen moisture root lift spray

Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray

The first thing to note is that this isn’t a dry shampoo replacement. If anything, I found that this worked better on “fresher” hair. How I would use this product is once my hair was fully washed and dried, I would spray this all over my roots and fluff my hair a bit to distribute the spray a little bit more. What I found with the Root Lift Spray is that although it was subtle, it almost prevented my hair from looking flat as the day went on. It sort of kept my hair a few centimeters from looking “BLEH”.

Final Verdict: I use the Leave-In Foam a little bit more than the Root Lift Spray mainly because I keep forgetting that I have root spray too! I like how soft my hair still feels after using the foam so that’s probably why I keep gravitating towards it. The root spray is still a great product, but because I wash my hair fairly often I usually have enough volume at my roots to stay looking fresh. Both of these are again incredibly affordable and I believe are on par with what you can pick up at a salon. I love the entire Oxygen Moisture collection from Dove and was impressed with the level of consistency with each product.

Try it out!

PR samples sent for review.

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