SKINCARE | An Interview with THE Kat Burki!

New year means new skincare. Last month, Nordstrom Vancouver held a massive beauty event showcasing the best of skincare and makeup complete with one-on-one consultations, makeovers and of course the chance to pick the brains of the founders of innovative luxury skincare companies like Kat Burki! I was VERY upset that I could not make the event and meet Kat Burki as I was at staff Christmas party, but I did get a chance to ask her a few questions as well as introduce you all to the brand and what I will be reviewing in the coming weeks!

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I will preface the interview by saying that I have not used Kat Burki products before, but if you are particularly interested in ingredients that are plant-based that harness the principles of cell biology, you will want to know this brand like I want to know this brand! Even looking at the ingredients list, you will not see the "usual suspects" of fillers present in even high end skincare products. What you will see are ingredients specifically chosen to be bio-compatible with our own cells meaning that skin is repaired and restored from well beneath the usual few layers of the stratum corneum. As I am new to Kat Burki, but am a skincare junkie, I really wanted to know why her products were different and what I should be buying! Hahaha! Now, take it away Kat!

Q1. The skincare market is incredibly saturated and consumers are easily overwhelmed. What would you say to clients who are new to Kat Burki to differentiate your products from others?

A1. Our ingredient decks are not only cutting edge but protected by cold processing. Processing under 120 degrees Fahrenheit allows us to keep all vita nutrients and antioxidants at their highest level of efficacy. 

Q2. How has your personal experience in science and healthcare influenced your products?

A2. It is everything. The concepts from health, nutrition and science have allowed me to have a foundation of understanding of not only what our skin needs as an organ to heal and flourish, but also how our skin will process the nutrients we give it. 

Q3. I know this must be a hard question, but what would you say are the 
Kat Burki "must-haves"? 

A3. The Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream, Form Control Marine Collagen Gel, Balancing Elixir and anything from the Complete B line. 

Q4. Say you're having a girls night in - Describe how you would treat yourself and your skin.

A4. I would use our Restorative Dual Acid Peel the night before, followed by the Complete B Vital Hydration Face Mask while sleeping. Before going out the next night, I would cleanse the skin with Ocean Mineral Face Cleanser, use the Balancing Elixir, Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum followed by a healthy amount of the Vitamin C Intensive Face Cream (my face just soaks it in). When preparing my foundation, I would mix it with Form Control Marine Collagen Gel – this goes on creating a near perfect completion...I would expect nothing short of over the top radiance with that regime!

Oh my gosh. Well, I was lucky enough to be gifted with one of Kat's must-haves - the Balancing Elixir in Cucumber which smells amazing and is filled with ingredients I want to marry. Stay tuned for my thoughts on this new skincare brand and thank you SO MUCH to Kat Burki for taking the time to answer this skincare junkie's questions!

If any of you have tried Kat Burki, did you like the products? Am I going to be poor this year?

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