FRAGRANCE | My Burberry EDT Review

Holy moly was I sick this week! This is the first time I have even ventured onto the computer since falling ill with a fever of 39°C over the weekend. I don't get the flu very often, but I was DONE up until a few days ago when I started feeling well enough to even start thinking beauty again. I did miss you all while I was gone and thought I would ease my way back with a review that should have happened a long time ago.

Though this is not a new fragrance, My Burberry EDT*(90mL/$80.00 CDN) is a lighter, fresher version of My Burberry EDP. Created by CEO and CCO of Burberry, Christopher Bailey and world-renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdijian, My Burberry EDT is brighter, happier and a scent that I found suited me more on a day-to-day basis.

At first glance, I found the bottle a bit bulky and difficult to hold, but once I was romanced by the story of bottle, I was sold. Isn't that always the case with fragrances? Burberry is most known for their iconic trench coat. I may not own one, but oddly enough my husband does! The bottle captures the elements we know best, like the stone-finished cap which echo the distinctive trench coat buttons, and the hand-tied gabardine knot honoring the fabric created over a century ago by Thomas Burberry.

My Burberry EDT is a described as a "bright, grand floral" with top notes of sweet pea and lemon flower, heart notes of peonies, peach flower and freesia and base notes of Damask rose, white moss and musk. This is by far the most floral scent I have ever worn AND liked! So many florals have fallen, but I consistently wore this over the holiday season and its slightly sweet beginnings to its musky rose dry-down. Peonies tend to be a bit overwhelming at times, but something about having it as a heart note seemed to temper its strength.

The freshness of My Burberry EDT makes it a scent that can be worn all year and by any woman. I don't feel too old or young when I am wearing this, but instead comfortable in my own skin doing anything from running in the street to going out for date night. A truly adaptable scent.   

My Burberry is available at all Burberry counters.

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