NAILS | Piggy Bank aka "Saving Money" Nail Art

The first post of a new year is always a tough one because IT IS THE FIRST ONE. It sets the tone of what is to come and though I wish I had had more time to do more posts geared around NYE, I was starting to feel the grind of the holiday season and decided to rest and take it easy the last week. What always makes me happy though is a fresh set of nails as well as some new goals for the year!

Though I have never been one for New Year's Resolutions and far prefer the "achievement jar" route which is why a piggy bank is an awesome thing to have in the house! Though most of us save digitally now, I still have a piggy bank in the house for collecting bits of change and also as a reminder to not spend ALL OF THE MONEY on beauty products. What better way to launch 2016 than with nail art that encompasses one of my resolutions for this year! I loved this piggy bank nail art from Nuthin' But a Nail thing and decided to recreate it here! 

I started with two coats of a white base using Essence - Wild White Ways* on my middle and ring fingers followed by two coats of green using Trendy Nails - GR02*. The dollar signs were painted on with black acrylic paint and then I applied large gold nail studs for coins.

For the piggies, I used China Glaze - Empowerment for the piggy bank body and dotted on the ears and snout with the fuchsia Trendy Nails - PK110* and Trendy Nails - BK01*. The eyes were dotted on with Wild White Ways and BK01 with the money slot painted on with a black nail striper. I threw on a few more "coins" and then added top coat to seal everything in!

How do you plan on making 2016 better than the last?

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