BEAUTY BOX | Glossybox September 2015 Edition

A part of me debated not even writing about the last couple of Glossyboxes that I was sent because of how much time had passed, but after looking at their contents I decided that they were worthy of sharing for anyone interested in signing up for Glossybox. This is a US-based subscription service which, with the Canadian dollar currently where it is, may cause Canadians like myself to hesitate when it comes to signing up. I actually still have two US-based subs going because even with the exchange rate, the products I receive are still worth it. Hopefully my reviews of what I received in my September Glossybox* will be just that for you!

Coffea | Coffee Scrub

Thoughts: I never got into the whole sexy coffee scrub thing and even now, don't expect to see me in the bathtub with my naked body covered in coffee scrub. I do love the scent of coffee scrubs though and I am sure I will enjoy using this all-natural scrub made with roasted coffee, demerara sugar,sea salt, olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa and cinnamon. Exfoliation is my favourite and using coffee is supposed to help with cellulite and stretch marks. Personally, I think it's the caffeine that provides a temporary tightening effect on the skin.

Full size: 90g/$9.99, 200g/$15.99, 450g/$36.00 USD

I received: 100g/$9.99 USD (It probably costs more, but I cannot find this size on the Coffea website and 90g seemed the closest)

Julep | Luxe Lips Conditioning Treatment in Coral

Thoughts: I have had a subscription to Julep for 5 years now and though I am part of the grandfathered group that are allowed to skip for as many months as I would like, occasionally I grab a Julep box with a cool new product in it. This lip gloss is perfectly pleasant and while it isn't groundbreaking, the applicator is cool and metallic with a shape that ensures precision everytime. Coral is quite sheer and is something I would use on top of lipstick for the appearance of fullness.

Full size: 12g/$24.00 CDN

I received:

Biossance | The Revitalizer aka Squalane Drops

Thoughts: Now, THIS is something I have never tried before! Squalane is found in our bodies and is essentially part of a group of constituents that keep skin looking fresh, young and plump. It rapidly declines once we hit our 20s and is well-liked because of its ability to absorb extremely quickly into the skin. Once in the skin, squalene is a highly effective antioxidant. This little bottle of Revitalizer is for both body and face use and feels like a cross between an oil and water. It has zero scent and has been really wonderful on dry cuticles.

Full size: 50mL/$58.00 USD

I received: 4mL/$4.74 USD

Emite Makeup | Artist Colour Powder Blush in #108

Thoughts: Emite Makeup is a Sweden-based brand that I have not heard of. Upon first swipe, this terracota blush is soft and pigmented.

Full size: 10g/$22.00 USD

I received:

Nails Inc | Uptown Nail Polish

Thoughts: I love Nails Inc and can definitely vouch for the quality of the polishes. This dusty rose would not be a colour I would choose on my own, but I know a ton of gals who would. This was the shade of the year in 2014 when it came to weddings so I'm good not seeing this shade for the next little while.

Full size: 10mL/$14.00 USD

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Total value of September Glossybox: Approximately $74.74 USD

Final Verdict: For once, this was a beauty box that focused primarily on makeup! Usually the skincare tends to dominate, but in this box I felt like I was getting the chance to try something new (squalane drops) or trending (coffee scrub). The makeup options, while safe, were from well-liked brands and in shades that would compliment anyone's skin tone. I liked that the blush was darker than the kind of blush colour I would normally 
gravitate to. Overall, this Glossybox was a winner for me!

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