SKINCARE | Introduction to Tata Harper Skincare!

If you follow me on Instagram, I often rave and post about Tata Harper products as I was their brand representative last year. The fact that I am STILL talking about her products while no longer working for the company should prove how much I love and believe in her products! Like most skincare, some products work for me and some don't. Part of my blogging goal for this year is to focus on skincare that I truly LOVE and Tata Harper is one of them.

In Sephora, you can imagine how hard it is to distinguish between the seemingly THOUSANDS of skincare brands so what sets Tata Harper apart from all the others? If you look at the ingredients, Tata Harper is the ONLY all-natural skincare brand in the entire store. This means that there isn't a SINGLE synthetic ingredient. This is what the word "natural" truly means and hearing that term used so loosely to sell to clients irked me to no end. You will notice that many natural or organic lines, while having wonderful ingredients, will use a synthetic preservative (usually phenoxyethanol), but Tata Harper goes a step further and uses radish root as a preservative. This is only the second time I have seen a company use this and I'm sure there are more. 

In addition to being truly all-natural, every product is ECO CERTIFIED, which is HUGE. I can go on and I will over the next YEAR as I review EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT that Tata Harper has made. Half of the products I received in gratis and the other half I purchased all on my own. This is natural skincare at a luxury price point so I hope my reviews will be educational as there aren't many blogger reviews out there especially for the higher ticket products like the Elixir Vitae ($438 CDN). 

Below is a taste of what you will see on Cosmetic Proof this year! 

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