NAILS | Red Carpet Manicure Color Dip Video with London Drugs!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a few teasers that I was back in the studio shooting another YouTube video with London Drugs! If you haven't seem my first one, check out my Halloween collaboration here! This video is all about how to use the Red Carpet Manicure Color Dip system which you may have seen last year as these "nail polish powders" were sort of a new way of doing acrylic nails, but at home! The dipping aspect is pretty cool and I definitely got an easy 2 weeks of wear using this new system because the finish is so rock hard strong! There is a bit of a learning curve, but hopefully this video helps!

I hope everyone enjoys the tutorial because I was really nervous about this one since it was a little out of my element! I think it turned out alright in the end and I may even pick up more powder colours!

London Drugs is currently sold out of the Starter Kits online, but head on over to your local London Drugs and you should be able to find the kit there! 

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