NAILS | Finding Dory and Nemo #CBBxManiMonday

Happy Monday everyone! It is my half weekend today which means catching up with both blog and house things that never seem to end. Between the hours my husband and I work, the apartment is always a cross between clean and crazy as by the time we get home, we have zero energy to clean (I can't imagine being a parent!) and on our days off you want to do things you enjoy instead of clean. I once read that your place should always be a 10 minute clean away from company and though I tried so hard to keep to that, for the last 3 years, it has been near impossible.

Today's nails are titled as such because this manicure didn't work out as planned. The CBB theme we had going was "Sea Creatures" and though I had a few ideas in mind, I finally settled on Nemo and Dory. I loved both Finding Nemo and Finding Dory so nails in their honor seemed like a fun activity.

Finding Nemo Nail Art

Some PR samples featured

Using this pin from a cutepolish tutorial done by Miri (does cutepolish even do her own nails on her channel anymore??), I did my best to recreate some of the designs , but I feel like the proportions are a bit off when you have square vs. rounded nails. According to my husband, "Nemo looks a little 'off', but Dory looks great!"

2 coats of Ceramic Glaze French Riviera*
Face and fins hand-drawn with black, white and yellow acrylic paint


2 coats of OPI Santa Monica Beach Peach*
Face and fins hand-drawn with black and white acrylic paint

The other two nails are just a coat of base coat and sponged on NCLA x Cutepolish I'll See Ya Next Time and is a great glitter for gradient sponging! I applied my CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat and then admired new friends. Some more special-looking than others!

Finding Nemo Nail Art

Have a great day everyone and be sure to check out: Renee, Trysh and Eithne's blog and social media channels for their manicures!

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