NAILS | Just a Swatch #CBBxManiMonday

As I mentioned in my Instagram post for these nails, I felt a little guilty about posting them because in reality my nails were really naked in preparation for a CND event I had yesterday. I hadn't painted my nails for #CBBxManiMonday yet as of Sunday night and it seemed like such a waste to paint them only to have them removed less than 12 hours later. Luckily I had this dreary grey polish from Essie to share with you and stay on theme with this month's "Emo November" where we wear all of our vampy Fall nail polishes!

PR sample

At the beginning of this year, Essie released the "Serene Slates" collection and quite honestly, I would say half the shades were not shades I would wear unless it was for nail art purposes. Essie does creme shades extremely well and if you are a basic nail polish bitch, Essie is the brand for you. What I'm wearing now is the collection's namesake - Serene Slate and is one of the nicest creme grey polishes I own as it doesn't wash me out and feels like something I can wear as a neutral. It's also a great base for nail art!

The ladies and I will be gearing up for holiday manicures starting next week so stay tuned!

Have a great day everyone and be sure to check out: Renee, Trysh and Eithne's blog and social media channels for their manicures!

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