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I hope everyone had a cozy Christmas Day! I had been looking forward to the day off since last week for no reason in particular other than wanting the whole Christmas season to be over. Generally, I have always found it to be a season that is overhyped and commercialized and though it has its moments of warmth, I think most people can agree that it is generally an exhausting holiday and yet we all still use all of our weekends in December to decorate, cook and see everyone humanly possible that we haven't seen in the last couple of months because it's CHRISTMAS. Oh, and then we spend an INSANE amount of money and feel sad in January when your credit card statements come in! I've always said that we should just be generous, see people and be festive whenever you want during the year because it would be way less stressful! It's also how I feel about goals and resolutions. Don't let January 1st dictate when you start making a change. Do it February 23rd if you need to! I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but it's something that I've realized over the years that has helped me feel more in control which in turn has helped me feel more emotionally stable and able to achieve my goals. This year is obviously a different kind of Christmas and though it was quiet, I was so happy to be able to spend it just with my husband and our cats. We made our own little turkey dinner with stuffing and sides as well as mulled apple cider. It was quiet, peaceful and contained all that mattered in my life so here's to truly appreciating the simple things for 2021 as well!

Gloomy Christmas Tree Nail Art
Press samples

Though I didn't intend on having these Christmas trees turn out the way they did, once I gave them some "lights", they looked a little better! I adored the base shade "To All a Good Night" from the new OPI Shine Bright Collection and then wanted to make it "Christmasey" for today's manicure which matched our rainy sort of weather for the day too. 

I used some Christmas tree nail vinyls from Whatsup Nails, but they didn't come out as crisp as I had wanted so I hope you all can still tell that they are indeed Christmas trees!

Gloomy Christmas Tree Nail Art

On My Nails:

(Base Coat) OPI Infinite Shine Base Coat*
(Base) OPI Infinite Shine To All a Good Night*
(Trees) OPI Suzi Talks with Her Hands* with OPI Infinite Shine This Gold Sleighs Me* and CND Vinylux Drama Queen* 
(Top Coat) OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat*

Who here is planning on doing some Boxing Day shopping? I did quite a bit for Black Friday so I am trying to be verrrrrry careful for the next week! It has to be a REALLY good deal for me to go for it!

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