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Alrighty, it's that last week of the year where half the week is "normal" where the mail runs, banks are open and there are no holiday hours followed by the second half where everything is closed and you don't know what day it is because New Years Day is on a weekday. Even during a pandemic, I am still a bit confused, but soon enough it will be 2021. I think because we have all "lost" so much of the year to lockdowns and staying at home, it feels like I just said goodbye to 2019. Though we have all been continuing our days, I feel like I never quite hit "unpause" from March. As my sister-in-law put it, I am cautiously optimistic about 2021, but I have no expectations about whether things will get better. I hope they will, but I am not going to expect the allowance of big gatherings, concerts or not mask-wearing in public spaces to change. It will be interesting to see how the vaccine changes things and how humanity deals with the new coronavirus variant and the way we interact with others going forward. Now, that we have all (hopefully!) celebrated Christmas with our bubble, it's time to celebrate New Year's Eve with the same bubble! My husband and I are again looking forward to a quiet night with some champagne and a nice meal at home as I have been given the gift of Dec.31st - Jan.3rd off! Lots of time to recover and recharge!

Star Nail Art
Press samples

Today's nails are gearing up for NYE celebrations and I just wanted something with stars so I dug out my Whatsup Nails star vinyls and and chose my two favourite shades from the OPI Shine Bright collection (well, I have more favourites, but I have a soft spot for fuchsia and purple!) to create this starry manicure!

Star Nail Art

On My Nails:

(Base Coat) OPI Infinite Shine Base Coat*
(Base) OPI Infinite Shine Tinsel Tinsel 'Lil Star*
(Stars) OPI Infinite Shine Let's Take an Elfie* (purple) and OPI Infinite Shine Merry in Cranberry* (berry)* 
(Top Coat) OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat*

Star Nail Art

This is our last #CBBxManiMonday of 2020! Have a great Monday everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blog and social media channels for their last sets of 2020 manicures!

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