NAILS | Cirque Colors Game Over and Weekly Catch Up

Well, hello there! I think I will use these nail swatch posts as a guise to do more of a journal entry where I talk all about the "hot goss" in my life. Riiiight, as if there is much adventure going on in my life right now! I am still one of those people who isn't going out much though I did recently venture out to a friend's place to hang out for the day and she was the first person I had visited outside of my work bubble since the start of the pandemic! I'm not normally a social person so the pandemic has definitely fed into my natural desire to be alone and lemme tell ya, I have been eating it up! I have always found my day job socially quite draining so having all of my free time to decompress the last 18 months has truly felt so good. I still get tired, but I am nowhere near the level of mental exhaustion I used to be at. I also have a new outlook on blogging, Instagram and PR which has calmed me down when it comes to always posting, always blogging, always trying to get product and running around like a madwoman trying to do it all!  

Cirque Colors Game Over Swatch
Purchased by me

Of course, we need to discuss this polish first as this is supposed to be a "nail post"! This is from the Cirque Colors Vice collection from a few years back and after revisiting Cirque and their nail polishes over the last couple of months, I have to say that they are one of my favourite indie brands for neons and overall uniqueness for shades and my favourite, thermals! This bright neon red "Game Over" is so juicy and orange that I can see myself whipping this out every summer because it is such a show-stopping shade!

Now, that I have embraced the introvert in me, my LEGO hobby has now taken over. I barely spend at all on beauty anymore and have still been trying to stick to a personal credit card bill of under $500/month (this is huge for a shopper like me who would easily spend $1000 a month on beauty products) while saving 30%-50% of my paycheck every month. We are now looking into buying a place and getting a new car within 2-3 years so I have started to aggressively contribute to my TFSA, as I have been focusing on my RRSPs the last few years, as well to my Tangerine fund for "Car". I don't make a huge amount of money, but I have been keeping track of every dollar saved and spent in a spreadsheet and since January 2021, I have been able to save 60% of my salary which has given me this incredible saving high that I wish I could have started YEARS ago. It has helped that the pandemic has kept me mostly indoors, but I hope that going forward when I am ready to travel and go out more that I will be much more mindful of where my money is going. I am still working to fill up my my TFSA and RRSP goals which will still take a few years, but as long as I have a job and my health, I think I will be able to do it! A part of me wishes I could help others save money and plan finances as a career, but I think it might be a little too late now and I have no desire to be back in a classroom after doing school while working for two degrees. 

Cirque Colors Game Over Swatch

With all of that being said, I have been slowly collecting some fantastic LEGO sets and now that I have completed the most recent LEGO Typewriter, which is SUPER cool with its typing noises, my husband has agreed that "I need more space for displaying these pieces" and has given me free reign of redoing the living room with some new shelving (with lights!) as our living room needs a refresh anyway. We have been needing a new couch that is "cat-proof" for years now so Pinterest, IKEA and the Lego Fans Facebook group will be my friends now! 

Whose brain is already on Friday afternoon? Something about a short week always makes me want to fast forward and start fresh on the next even though I know that isn't necessarily the most healthy way of thinking...

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