SHEET MASK | 23 Years Old Cocoon Gold Silky Mask

Going back to the beginnings of my sheet mask obsession, the 23 Years Old Cocoon Gold Silky Mask was one of the first brands AND masks to pop up as "must try" on my radar as at the time it was one of the few masks I had seen made of a super silky and thin material. Even just reading the name of the mask and the words "cocoon" and "silky" - you immediately want this on your face!

Purchased by me

In addition to being super silky, this mask also promises a "ultra fresh sensation" that instantly tones and hydrates thirsty, dehydrated skin. It also contains actual cocoon silk extract, licorice for brightening and willow bark extract for a little bit of light exfoliation as well. The "fresh" sensation is brought to you by a peppermint oil which might be irritating to some, but I found the effects very gentle and nowhere near the burning levels of the Yes To sheet masks I reviewed!

As you can see, the fit of this mask is VERY good. It was soaking with essence and because it does not come with a plastic backing, can take a bit of time to unfold and unstick. I immediately felt the coolness of the peppermint upon application and I LOVED it. I think this is such a cool element to have in a mask and though I understand why brands don't do this, I would love to use more masks that feel refreshing. 

Mask Summary:

Price: About $5 each. I think I got them in a pack of 3 at a little Korean store in Montreal.

Skin concerns: Dryness

Scent: Kind of minty!

Essence Type: Lightly viscous, clear

Duration: 20 minutes

Thickness: Thin

Mask Fit: A little short on the forehead, but other than that really nice fit!

Tackiness: Light

Hydration: Nice!

Other notes: N/A

Final verdict: My skin felt hydrated, cool to the touch and not tacky. What really sold me were the peppermint and just how thin the mask material was so I would hands down most definitely use this mask again! 

You can find the 23 Years Old Cocoon Gold Silky Mask at various Asian beauty stores online and in-person. 

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