NAILS | Not Quite Ready to Say Hello to Fall Shades #CBBxManiMonday

I swear this was totally going to be a Fall-themed manicure, but I blame the discovery of this matte glitter! Why did Sephora stop making their own house brand of nail polish?! It was so good! First, there was Sephora by OPI which was so good and then came Formula X which I adored. Great shades, formulas and really funky matte glitter like this! 

Blue with Green Glitter Gradient Nail Art
One polish gifted and the other purchased by me

This chartreuse glitter, known as "Maniacal" has never been used and seeing as how Formula X has been discontinued a few years now, this polish is probably five years old? Still, it was in perfect condition and went perfectly with this new Dimension Nails polish that was gifted to me in my first order! 

Blue with Green Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have on just ONE coat of Blue Morpho Butterfly! This was my first time trying anything from Dimension Nails and I was told that their polishes are great for stamping because they are so opaque and I have to say that that is VERY true! I found the brush a little bit difficult to use for how thick the polish was because I am used to having the polish bead off the end of the brush so that I can get a nice rounded edge at the base of my nails. I found myself having to smooth a number of the edges out with acetone which, for someone like myself who has pretty good nail polish application, was a bit surprising. Still, a very nice polish with a very nice bottle with the names of the polish actually printed on the front of the bottle which I have never seen before with any brand!

Blue with Green Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Happy Monday everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their September Manicures this week!

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