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As I write this, it is Sept.1st and I know I am not alone when I say that for some reason, this year's arrival of Sept.1st feels so much faster and more surreal than last year! Last year, we were still trying to adjust to life in a pandemic and with work, I was just trying to keep an open mind about an ever-changing environment. This year, we have vaccines, the introduction of vaccine passports, continued mask-wearing which means I have a a good idea of what life is going to be like until 2022. Maybe the summer seems to have gone by more quickly because it all started with a weeklong incredibly uncomfortable heatwave (without an A/C) and then only after that did I realize comfortable summer temperatures should be enjoyed to their fullest! 

Cirque Colors Electric Daisy Swatch
Purchased by me

Since the beginning of July, I have let myself enjoy the summer and have let the blog and Instagram have a bit of a vacation hence the content being mainly nails and sheet masks. Makeup has been a tough one to get motivated to do as I just don't wear as much of it as I used to. When I initially went back to work, I was mentally geared up to use all my eyeshadows and go crazy with looks, but now I have dialed it back to neutrals, glitters and the occasional Natasha Denona Chromium shadows (which still get me compliments to this day!). 

I have now started wearing blush again just because I feel so badly for the ones I have going unused and that has been about it for my makeup routine. I have also gotten over A LOT of the FOMO that came with being a beauty blogger. I no longer care if someone gets a press package or invited to an event that I did not. It's OK! I will never have a lack of product and the last year has really shown me that this space is not for me when it comes to making money. I think I already knew that, but in the last year I feel like either I have gotten more strict or brands have started asking for WAY too much because I have said NO to so many pitches from well-known brands. One brand I regularly work with changed the terms of campaign (I hadn't signed anything yet) and asked me to PAY for my own flight to Toronto and hotel so that I could be featured in a magazine. It was originally supposed to be local. They even admitted that I would LOSE money by accepting the campaign! Oh, and I had to find a flight and fly out in 48 hours. I have a day job so no that's not going to work for me. Ridiculous!

Cirque Colors Electric Daisy Swatch

Before I get TOO riled up and derail this post completely, I was looking for a yellow neon polish for the summer and Cirque Colors did not disappoint! Electric Daisy doesn't need a white polish underneath and is opaque in two coats. It's truly the perfect neon yellow and I highly recommend it! Whenever I would catch a reflection of myself in the mirror, it looked like my nails were glowing! It dries matte, but a glossy top coat will give it that shine!

Cirque Colors Electric Daisy Swatch

It's almost Friday and we get a long weekend next week so that's nice! I actually get Monday off this time too so I will be enjoying it with all of you Monday to Friday people! This month is going to be busy for me at work as traveling as since resumed so we are getting visits from head office and brands who we couldn't see in 2020. a natural introvert this is always exhausting, but I know how to schmooze. I just need to decompress afterwards and I am good! Are any of you the same way?

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