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Who here enjoyed their extra hour of sleep yesterday? I did not as I woke up fairly early for some reason at 7:30am. I usually like to sleep in on my day off, but for some reason I naturally woke up and decided to read and have some hashbrowns while my Sleeping Beauty of a husband slept for another 4 hours! It is going to be a busy week for me as we are doing a weeklong client even at work so hopefully it means some good numbers for all of us, but it also is a lot of running around which can leave you pretty exhausted by the end of the day! 

Hot Cross Buns Nail Art

Polishes are press samples

I don't know where I was headed with today's #CBBxManiMonday, but I know I wanted to use this new creamy brown polish in "Sunset Boulevard" from Bio Sculpture. I find this dark of a brown a bit challenging to work with as I find it hard to think of designs where this colour is the focal point short of painting a chocolate bar on my nails! I was a bit hungry while painting so I started thinking of cakes and bread which resulted in a cross between some hot cross buns and figgy pudding. Note that I used striping tape to get my edges straight.

Hot Cross Buns Nail Art

On My Nails:

(Base Coat) OPI Sensitive and Peeling Nail Envy*

(Base Colour) BIO Sculpture Gemini Sunset Boulevard* 

("Buns") CND Vinylux Get That Gold*, BIO Sculpture Gemini Seductive Lights*

(Top Coat) CND Vinylux Weekly Top Coat* 

Hot Cross Buns Nail Art

Happy Monday everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their Fall Manicures this week!

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