SHEET MASK | Reme + G 3 in 1 Aqua Peeling Kit

It is honestly just shameful how long I have been sitting on this review ( you can tell from my hair colour approximately when I used everything)! I have this box of sheet masks that I have used and would like to review and while I have made a bit of a dent in it over the last year with my slowing down on the sheet mask purchasing, I still have enough in the box for #SheetMaskSunday posts until next Spring! I don't know if people are still interested in sheet masks after they exploded in the North American market a few years ago, but posting sheet masks on Sundays gives me some sense of routine and if blogging is still a thing in a few decades, I will still be here posting about sheet masks just because I like doing these posts at the start of the week. Gives the blog a jumpstart for the week!

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Today's mask is a multi-stepper which are one of my favourite masks to use because it's like having a three course skincare meal! This one from Korean beauty brand REME+G and I am not even sure if they exist anymore...I feel like they were around for just a few years and then that was it. This is a brightening and moisturizing kit that was part of the "aqua peel" trend in Korea where skin is exfoliated with an AHA and then soothed and hydrated right after for an "at-home peel".

The first step was the AHA Peeling Swab which was a lactic and glycolic acid-based peel consisting of a GIANT cotton swab soaking in "peely essence" that you swab all over your face. I concentrated especially on the area around my nose. The essence did not tingle or burn, but it did smell a bit like wine!

The second step was a niacinamide-based and vitamin C-derived whitening serum that had the consistency of a watery ampoule/essence. There was PLENTY to spread around my face and decollate and made for a great primer for the sheet mask.

The sheet mask had a tight weave which made it hard to talk, but was not uncomfortable. The essence had a small amount of peppermint oil which made the mask feel cool, but not burn as well as more niacinamide for brightness with aloe and mallow root extract to soothe skin. The tackiness level was a medium level and manageable.

Final verdict: While I am sad that this mask probably does not exist anymore, there are a lot of these chemical peel + sheet mask kits as they are still quite popular in Korea so I feel like I will have no trouble finding a suitable replacement!  

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