NAILS | Cadillacquer Stygian and Spiders #CBBxManiMonday

 Cadillacquer Stygian and Spiders

Purchased by me

Last week was a rough one for me as in addition to worrying like crazy about the kitties, we have been preparing and then doing Inventory which has led to a few 14 hour days and my going to bed much earlier than usual! Luckily, it looks like the kitties are more tolerant of each other though we still separate them if we are not around to supervise as Huxley can get super intense and likes charging at Harper to play. I feel like I will still be playing catch up on things (if I ever do) for awhile. The motivation to blog and get out content has become increasingly less important since Hugo died and I have allowed myself to live in this blogging funk and just post what I have the energy for. Nails and skincare seem to be it and while I do miss my makeup posts, I can never bring myself to put in the hours of work for a makeup look that I used to.  

Cadillacquer Stygian and Spiders

Last year, I really enjoyed the "hidden design" nail art using thermal polishes so I decided to try it again using the thermal polish Stygian from Cadillacquer which is a crelly polish that transforms from light grey when warm to black when cold! It is from last year's Halloween collection and I love the red hex glitter that adds a bit of macabre.

On My Nails:

(Base Coat) Guerlain La Base Naillift*

(Base Colour) Cadillacquer Stygian with water nail decals from Born Pretty (looong time ago)

(Top Coat) CND Weekly Vinyl Top Coat* 

Cadillacquer Stygian and Spiders

Happy Halloween everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their last day of Halloween-themed manicures this week!

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