SHEET MASK | Neogen Surmedic Bright Glutathione Mask

 Neogen Surmedic Bright Glutathione Mask

Purchased by me

This is the first #SheetMaskSunday of #LunarFebruary and we are starting off with one of the more "serious" sheet mask brands - Neogen! This brand never messes around when it comes to their ingredients and their masks often lean more to the derm/medispa side and involve technology and mask materials and shapes that are different than other brands. Today's sheet mask is no exception with its shape, material and ingredients!

Neogen Surmedic Bright Glutathione Mask

What makes this mask special? The presence of two very good (and proven) brightening ingredients - niacinamide and the naturally-occurring glutathione in high concentrations, as well as licorice root extract (also brightening) and hyaluronic acid. 

Neogen Surmedic Bright Glutathione Mask

Neogen Surmedic Bright Glutathione Mask

The fit of the mask was very interesting because it actually extended down to the neck! The material was also made of a special microfibre that was able to stretch and smooth out relatively crease-free in all the right spots!

Neogen Surmedic Bright Glutathione Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $5 CDN

What it does: Brighten and increase skin's radiance

Scent: Floral

Essence Type: Slightly cloudy, viscous 

Duration: 25 minutes

Thickness: Thin and super soft stretchy fabric

Mask Fit: Very nice with a big solid "moustache" which I loved!

Tackiness: Light, but noticeable

Hydration: Quite nice!

Other notes: Mask covers the neck portion as well!

Neogen Surmedic Bright Glutathione Mask

Final verdict: I really liked this mask so I am glad I got two! This is a perfect winter mask where my skin is dry and also looking a bit dull and I was able to feel like my skin got back some of its moisture and possibly a little radiance though I feel like that part wasn't immediately as noticeable (though my skin DID look very refreshed). I really like that my neck was not neglected and as I am now into my 40s, I want my neck taken care of too!

You can find Neogen at various online Korean retailers.

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