SHEET MASK | Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask (Both Amazing and Horrifying At The Same Time!)

 Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask

Purchased by me

Last week, my friend Gerry and I did our yearly shopping/catch up event where we allow ourselves to splurge a bit after going on a low buy after the Holidays. The shopping area changes from year to year, but this year we felt like staying Downtown near everything. Our first stop was Lush in Pacific Centre as I had 10 black tubs to return (5 for Gerry and 5 for me) so that we could each pick up a new Fresh Face Mask (I picked up the Enzymatic Cleanser) as well as oogle some other goodies!

Many of their new and cute Mother's Day launches were out with one of them being the Queen Bee Sheet Mask! At first, I thought Lush was going to make me MAKE my own mask and that this was in pieces, but it was just rolled up LOL!

Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask

What makes this mask special? I saw this all rolled up next to the Fresh Face Masks and I was immediately fascinated because this seaweed-based gel-like mask needed to be refrigerated, BUT was reusable up to one week! Even though it was $12, if I could actually use it 7x it would only be $1.71 per use which is a great deal!

This mask contains activated charcoal to cleanse, aloe to soothe as well as orange juice and bergamot peel extract to leave skin radiant. It also smells like the iconic Lush scent "Honey, I Washed the Kids" which is a toffee-like scent that I would happily smell/eat every day.  

Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask

The packaging is also made of compostable plastic so really everything that I am holding in the photo can be completely broken down which is great as that is always one of the sad things I think about when I use a sheet mask - not much of it can be recycled if it all.

Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask

I have now been able to successfully reuse this mask 3x! I popped onto the Lush website just to check on some reviews and oh boy, were they not good mostly because people's masks were tearing within the first use. What I will say about the tearing is that I struggled with opening this mask the first time and it honestly took me about 10 minutes just to unpeel the mask from the compostable plastic. The eye and mouth areas were much thinner and I had to be so careful and slow when peeling off these areas as I was positive they would rip. I was honestly ready to lose chunks of mask and apply it to my face is pieces, but I managed to keep the mask together. For the subsequent uses, I just rolled it up in the same plastic, shoved it in the fridge and never had that issue with peeling again!  

Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask

The way the instructions say to use this mask is right after cleansing on a bare face. I snuck in toner here and there as this mask works best on damp skin, but let me say that this mask feels SO NICE right out of the fridge! Like WOW does it ever feel good! 

Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask

Mask Summary:

Price: $12 CDN and can be used for up to one week!

What it does: Hydrates and soothes

Scent: Honey, I Washed the Kids! This is a toffee scent that is one of my most favourite scents from Lush!

Essence Type: None! It's so weird, but the mask still works!

Duration: 10 minutes

Thickness: She THICK and heavy

Mask Fit: It's heavy and areas where the black bands are located are double-layered so they really pull the mask down when standing. This mask fits better around the chin if you lie down.

Tackiness: Absolutely none.

Hydration: Surprisingly good! You might still want to use a moisturizer afterwards, but I fluctuated between not using one and then using the Naturium Multi-Peptide Moisturizer upon mask removal.

Other notes: N/A

Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask

Final verdict: This mask was awesome! I have used it 5x now and it's still in one piece! I can see a bit of minor tearing around the eye holes, but it is only noticeable if you like closely. The scent is still there after a week and feels just as refreshing to use! I hope Lush comes out with more of these masks in different scents and colours because I feel like I totally got my money's worth!

I think this is a limited edition release so grab your Lush Queen Bee Sheet Mask in stores now!

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