SHEET MASK | I Dew Care Let's Get Sheet Faced Sheet Mask Set

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I think I asked a friend to pick up this set of sheet masks from I Dew Care from Ulta before the pandemic hit. What was supposed to be a 14 day routine that I FULLY intended to review in a jiffy is now 5 years in the making, but it's only because I got distracted in between you know with the pandemic and life and all. 

Compared to many of the other sheet masks I talk about here that are older, this set actually IS still available for purchase! When I initially saw it, I thought it was a good little starter kit as it contained a variety of 14 sheet masks tailored to a continuous 2 week sheet masking routine. Truth be told, after using all of them, (hushed whisper) I couldn't really tell the difference between them in terms of results...they are good masks, but the differences in experience were so slight that I will not be doing full breakdowns of them.

All of the masks fit exactly the same way and are made of biodegradable eucalyptus fibers which is a bit stiffer than most Korean sheet masks, but the overall fit is still pleasant.

Up All Night

What makes this mask special? This essence contains a high concentration of niacinamide and lime, fig and pomegranate extract just past the midway point of the ingredients list. Overall, I found this mask to be decently refreshing on the skin with a light tacky finish.


What makes this mask special? This is for calming stressed skin and features allantoin and Korean skincare favourite mugwort extract to soothe skin. I actually found this mask to be more brightening than Up All Night (or maybe my skin was really stressed when I used it!) and there was zero tackiness.

Olive 'Bout You

What makes this mask special? While there is olive extract in this mask, it is not present until past the middle of the ingredients list. Most of the ingredients in their highest concentrations are not plant-based and are humectants or emollients.

This essence surprised me because it was milky compared to all the others which were clear and more watery. It also had a very fresh floral scent and the mask seemed to fit a bit better with this thicker consistency. The milky essence left a light tackiness to the skin. 

Time Warp

What makes this mask special? The featured ingredient, acai fruit extract, is past the middle of the ingredients list and like the previous olive mask, contains mainly non-plant-based ingredients that are humectants and emollients. The mask was very hydrating and while I could not see a visible difference in firmness of my skin, it was very plump-feeling! 

Morning Dew

What makes this mask special? This is a hydrating mask that features lotus flower extract at around the halfway point of the ingredients list. For a mask that was supposed to be very hydrating, I was expecting more tackiness, but there was none!

In the Zone

What makes this mask special? This mask is supposed to be calming and pore-tightening and contains soothing chamomile and lime, orange, apple, lemon, grape and tea tree extract. In terms of ingredient concentration, this mask was one of the best ones! I also expected this mask to have no tacky finish, but it actually was quite hydrating and had a medium tacky finish.

Final verdict: While I don't think I would buy the whole box again, I did enjoy the Olive and In the Zone masks and would buy them on their own!

You can find the I Dew Care Let's Get Sheet Faced Sheet Mask Set at various e-tailers.

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