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Birthday Nails for a Friend

 Hello again!

I was going to post these yesterday, but by the I finished, it was super late! I guess that's what happens when you combine, good food with wine and nail fumes! As I had mentioned in my last post, I was pretty nervous about doing nails for someone else, but once we got started, it really wasn't too bad. My friend is fairly easy going though so that definitely helped. Her birthday is this week so she wanted to branch out and try something different on her nails. She normally wears very light pinks and nudes so having even one speck of glitter on her nails means a cause for celebration!

Right hand

Left Hand

Left Hand Flash

Colours Used
I'm so happy she let me practice and got some pretty, sparkly nails out of it! I apologize for the pictures. I know they aren't great, again due to the wine and nail fumes ;-) It was a fun night and I hope I get a chance to do it again!


  1. These are perfect birthday nails!! :D Wonderful job! It really sounds like you two had a great time. ^-^

    1. LOL, we had a great time! The best part was that my bf was the one who made dinner for us and then let us "play" for the rest of the night!

  2. All I can say is: WOW! That martini is unreal! Come to my house and do my nails please? haha.

    1. LOL, the next time I'm out east I'll give you a Blogger shout!