Lush - Whoosh Shower Jelly (So Much Fun to Say!)


This was my second Lush purchase in Montreal, so again the label is en Francais, but it was my bf's mom who brought this to my attention. I just heard her saying,"Look Jayne! Isn't it cute? It jiggles!" The display had the jelly dumped out of its container and it looked so pretty and blue on the tray that I had to pick one up. Whoosh smells very citrus-like and to me it smells more like lemon, but it supposed to be an essential oil blend of lemon, lime and grapefruit juices with rosemary and geranium. 

This guy looks JUST like a guy I used to work and even spells his name the same!

Whoosh smells so refreshing and is such a fun consistency, I'm so glad I picked it up! Sometimes I feel like the shower is my playground ;-) Has anyone else tried this out? In a different scent perhaps?


  1. I have shower jellies from LUSH in the sweetie pie and iced wine scents! They are a great value because they last a lot longer than shower gel or soap because a little goes a long way!

    1. That's great to know! Although, I have sooo much soap to go through as it is...

  2. It's a great soap. Might have to pick up the other scents!