Pur-ly Beautiful 10 Piece Collection

Hello all!

A few months ago, TeamBuy had a promotion where you paid $20 for $40 worth of Pur Minerals product. Since I go through a Pur Minerals 4-in-1 foundation every 4 months, I knew this was a deal that I would actually use. I bought two of these coupons and almost forgot to use one because I was in Montreal and only remembered on the day it was going to expire that I needed to redeem it! Luckily, my sister sent me the redemption code that day!

So, of course I couldn’t JUST get the foundation, I had to get some fun stuff too and what I’m always a sucker for are value packs or kits. Sure enough, there was a 10 piece value kit celebrating 10 years of bestsellers! Just to warn you, this post is pic-heavy!

This is my all-time favourite foundation because it feels like I'm not wearing any makeup while acting as a concealer and having SPF 15 protection. It evens out my skin tone, makes my skin look flawless and takes me 30 seconds to apply! The advised mode of application is with the provided chisel brush which has a flat top with the slogan,"Dip, Draw, Dust" on the handle. I cheat, I actually don't "draw". I just dip and dust. I know, I'm such a rebel.

This is Marble Powder in Pink which is a mineral blush pressed powder that gives a light rosy glow to cheeks, lips and eyes. I almost finished the one I have, so now I have a new one! 

This is an eyeshadow duo in Vanilla Feldspar and Sketch which Pur has named: Bombshell. It's a fairly matte neutral duo, applies smoothly and is fairly pigmented.


This is Pout Plumping Lip Gloss in Rose Opal which is a mineral lip gloss infused with vitamins and something called Maxi-lip which causes lips to appear more plump. This is definitely a lip gloss that is quite pigmented and isn't sticky at all.

This is Pur Minerals Impact Mascara and is a product I have not tried yet. It is supposed to provide budge-proof colour and conditioning for lashes. I always feel like most mascaras are the same in terms of formula, but that could just be me...

This is the Mineral Moisture Infusion oil-free moisturizer that's made with aloe vera, white lily essence, green tea and vitamin E extracts. It can also be used as soothing moisture mask or applied over your regular night cream to keep skin hydrated at night. It has a gel-like consistency and feels similar to my Skoah Hydradew Mask. 

This is the Revitalizing Face Wash Souffle Facial Cleanser that combines mandarin and lemon peel extracts to gently cleanse the skin. It's also free of sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and other chemical dyes that normally strip the skin of its natural oils so your skin won't have that tight crispy KFC feeling.

This is an eye pencil I've been wanting for awhile. This is in the colour Onyx and has a smudger on the other side for creating a smoky eye. It's also one of those "self-sharpening" mechanical pencils that you twist to get more product out. I have this pencil in three other colours and amazingly enough I didn't have black! They apply very smoothly and don't tug AT ALL on your eyelid. In terms of smoothness, this pencil is up there with the Urban Decay ones for me.

This is the Brow Duo Brow Fix in Hazlenut, another product that I have not tried before. On one end is a sculpting wax to shape the brows (mine are non existent!) and the other end is a mineral brow powder to fill them in. I didn't really like the brow powder...I found application to be a little uneven because I had to apply quite a lot of pressure for any colour to appear.

This is a little bonus pack that was thrown in for spending more than $25 (I spent $28). Considering one of the eyeshadows is $14, I'd say that I lucked out! Graphite is a beautiful darker grey perfect for creating a smoky eye. In addition to the eyeshadow there is also another mascara and Onyx eye pencil (I gave it to a co-worker of mine since I really didn't need two). Come to think of it, I should have given her the mascara too...

Each eyeshadow has a little mirror and applicator brush built right in which is cute, but really makes packaging bulky...

And as always, a little sample of product! I think I have 2 other bottles of this Colour Correcting Primer thanks to my Glymm and Luxe Box subscriptions!

Whew that was quite a lot of stuff! I'm happy with the 10 piece collection because I know I'll use all of it, with the exception of the brow pencil, so 90% use ain't bad! 


  1. WOW! everything looks really nice. How much did you end up paying?

    1. I paid $20 for the Teambuy coupon plus another $28 since the whole kit was $68. So, $48 for everything and no taxes or duty. I would get PurMinerals at Shoppers, but the CDN pricing is so much more AND we have to pay the 12% tax!