L'Oreal Infallible Color Swatches

Hello Ladies!

Today I bring to you some of the cosmetic goodies I received for Christmas: L'Oreal Infallible Color eyeshadows. These are another hot little item that boast "24 hour, ultra concentrated" eye colour. From what I've seen, most of the colours in this collection have an iridescent shimmer. The feature that stands out the most to me about these shadows is its velvety soft texture. Sticking your finger for the first time in one of these containers is like taking your first steps in freshly fallen snow. It's so cool!

They come in a number of fun colours, but since I mostly wear browns, I got the colours: Sahara Treasure, Black Onyx, Goldmine and Bronze Divine. Here is Sahara Treasure, which is my favourite:

Each container comes with a little plastic insert with a kind little message to "Keep me" which I'm guessing is to keep the shadow nicely packed and concentrated

This one is the ever dramatic Black Onyx that also has tiny bronze-coloured particles:

This is the super shimmery Goldmine:

And finally, Bronze Divine which looks way better on the skin than in the package:

And of the most important part of course, swatches!

As for pigmentation, these guys are truly a winner! None of these swatches are with primer and only took one swipe to achieve this level of pigmentation. The shadows are a dream to apply because they are so soft, smooth and just glide right on to the skin. I'm always totally impressed to find a product so great in a drugstore brand. I highly recommend these shadows and I will definitely be incorporating them into my daily makeup routine. Love these!


  1. These are really, really nice!! :D Gorgeous colours and the formula sounds fantastic.

  2. I was swatching them in stores once.. and i fell in love with the pigmentation
    definitely going to buy some for myself :)


    1. Sharon, you totally should! I'm so happy I found these!