Falling Off the P10P Wagon aka Lise Watier Sale

Hello Ladies! 

So it was when Lise Watier had an online warehouse sale last month that I fell off the Project 10 Pan wagon and splurged...I couldn't resist! I picked up the "Les Nuits Magiques" set which included the Quatuor Nuits Magiques Eyeshadow Quartet,  Bleu Bold Smokey Kohl Liner, Eye Glitter Liner in Sapphire, Hydra Shine Lip Stain in Nude, Eye Shine eyeliner in White and as a bonus an eyeshadow brush. I also picked up a set of 6 Hydra Shine Lip Stains which also had the colour nude, so I gave it to a friend of mine.

With every online purchase at Lise Watier you also get a couple of samples. I received 5mL tubes of Lift and Firm Ultra Firming Rejuvenating Day Cream and Deep Remodeling Night Cream, another smaller 2mL plastic packet of the day cream and a 1.5mL tube of Plumpissimo Le Gloss in Coral.

My first swatches are of the kohl liner, the glitter liner and the Eye Shine liner:

Both the kohl liner and Eye Shine applied quite smoothly, although the Eye Shine impressed me more. The kohl liner tugged a little at my skin while the Eye Shine just slid across my skin "like buttah". The glitter liner needed a couple of applications to achieve a true glitter effect, but from other glitter liners I own, glitter always tends to come out in chunks and always requires a couple of swipes before it looks any good.

Next, are the swatches of the Quatuor Nuits Magiques Eyeshadow Quartet which come in an ultra chic case:

As you can see, this is a great little quad for smokey eyes! I tried to find a name for each of the colours, but from the packaging, the whole quad is just called "Sapphire". The first colour is a very light, matte, dusty pink that didn't really look like much on me...it wasn't my favourite and wouldn't normally be a colour I would purchase for myself. Luckily, this was the only dud for me as I loved the look of the other three!  The coppery brown had a wonderful shimmer, while the dark brown was more matte in finish. The true gem of this palette is the sapphire blue which has an iridescent finish. I don't own any blue eyeshadow so with my Asian skin tone, I think this blue is a good place to start! The pigmentation of these shadows was fairly good with the exception of the pink which needed a couple of layers to show up on my skin.

Lastly, are the Hydra Shine Lip Stains which I have always wanted to try. The lip stains look and feel just like a marker and are meant to be used either as a tinted lip base underneath a lipstick  or as a gloss.

The thing that surprised me the most about these lip stains was how pigmented they were with just one swipe of the marker! I think I actually said "wow" while swatching! Colours like Fuschia, Rose Orchid, Cherry and Coral really popped! Being a lip stain, the texture is very watery, but does not bleed. The marker applicator gives you a lot of control and lets you apply the stain precisely where you want it. They also didn't come off very easily with waterproof makeup remover so they've all definitely got good staying power. I still had traces of the swatches on my arm even after a good couple of wipes. Overall, I liked the lip stains, but I'm not sure how often I'd really use them...I could see myself using them as a lip base, but probably not alone. 

For my first purchase with Lise Watier online, I was pleased with what I got. The "Les Magiques  Set" was from an older collection, but the condition of the makeup was good. Shipping time was about a week which is pretty quick and everything was nicely packaged. Will definitely order from them again!


  1. Beautiful haul!! :D

    1. Almost too much I'd say! I think I need to give stuff away...