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Happy Belated New Year!

It's nice to be back on a real computer with an actual keyboard to type on. The tablet was driving me crazy! As I mentioned in my last post, I was really excited to share the Bella Pella soaps I picked up at the Eaton Centre in Montreal. I had not heard of Bella Pella until December's Topbox and was disappointed when I didn't receive a bar of their soap so I really made a point of making sure I stopped at Bella Pella while I was in their vicinity! From their website, Bella Pella was founded in Montreal and can only be found there. They have a range of bath products, but I was really wanting to get a couple of their glycerin soaps. Individually, each soap is $7.95, which I admit is a little pricey for a bar of soap, but they did have an offer for 3 soaps for $21 which offsets the price a little. All of the soaps that I did see smelled fantastic and not fake or artificial in any way. They were also brightly-coloured and fun to look at which made it so incredibly hard to just choose a few! My boyfriend was flabbergasted that I would spend more than $2 on a bar of soap and reminded me that we didn't have an endless amount of space in our luggage for me to haul back every scent! So, here are the soaps that I finally decided upon:

This one is Pear and Vanilla:

This one is the infamous Marula and Neroli which is both fruity and floral all at the same time and looks really cool!

This one be honest I don't remember and it doesn't appear on their website. Definitely fruity with a caramel-like warmth to it. I know that's not all that helpful, but trust me it's good!

This one is Maple Syrup!

This one is Lily and Lime. The colour amused me and the texture looked fun.

An interesting factoid I picked up on my visit to Bella Pella was when I told the person working that I had heard about them through Topbox, but was bummed when I didn't get a soap, he told me it was because Bella Pella decided to only give samples to Topbox subscribers in the immediate region so essentially Montreal and Ontario. I guess that makes sense since you want to reach out to customers who are closeby, but it was interesting to know. They do offer free shipping within Canada over $50 so it's not like you have to buy a lot to get free shipping. Anyway, the soaps are lovely, fun and most importantly smell great! 

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  1. The orange one is Yuzu and Pineapple :)