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Happy Canada Day and Birthday to Me Nail Art!

I will keep this short as it’s a gorgeous day in Vancouver and Canada celebrations are underway, but I cannot believe I didn’t think to do some nail art for the occasion of my birth, becoming a Canadian citizen in 1995 and of course Canada’s birthday! I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen – White On, for the pointer and pinkie nails and then did a taping manicure using RGB – Red. The glitter polish I used is my first Floss Gloss in Dimepiece with my ring finger being topped off with a vinyl maple leaf decal from Beyond the Nail.

Canada Day nails nail art

Canada Day nails nail art

Now, it’s time to go and replace the tablet that I dropped on the floor FACE DOWN while trying to take a picture of Yoshi. YES. THAT is the REAL reason it broke. My own love of cats destroyed my tablet and my husband has been nice enough to give me a new tablet for my birthday. I’m thinking the Samsung one instead of the Nexxus that I broke. Suggestions?

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