Topbox | June 2014

I think there was a Prive box last month, but it went to my spam and I never saw it which was a little sad. I didn’t get a bad Topbox, but I was only really interested in 50% of what I received which was unfortunate. Topbox can be really hit/miss and when I look back at some of the boxes I have received there is really quite a mix. I feel like out of the beauty subs I have, it is the most “bipolar”. I am actually hesitant to give this box up because I know there is a waitlist for it and because the actual brand names included are usually quite good. Umm, hello Benefit?!


Teeez | Chain of Stones Nail Lacquer in Jealously Jade

Teeez Trendy Cosmetics Chain of Stones Nail Lacquer from June 2014 Topbox

Apply two coats for an even finish. This nail lacquer will take your nails to high-gloss heaven.

Thoughts: Nail polish always wins! This is a great colour and I am loving the Teeez packaging!

Full size: 8.5mL/$15.00

I received: *FULL SIZE*

KMS California | HAIRSTAY Style Boost

KMS Hair Stay Style Boost from June 2014 Topbox

Shake well. Hold upside down and dispense into palm. Allow to crackle and expand. Apply to towel-dried hair prior to other styling products. Style as usual.

Thoughts: This sounds like a “different” kind of hairspray as it has all sorts of different types of ingredients that I have never seen before like black pepper seed extract!

Full size: 190g/$22.00

I received: 71g/$8.22

KMS California | Lip Fable in Ginger Bread

Barefoot Venus Lip Fable in Gingerbread from June 2014 Topbox

Don’t forget to keep your lips nice and hydrated with our 9.9% natural lip balm. However you choose to tell your summer-time tale, say it with your super soft lips.

Thoughts: I used to love tins, but I much prefer balms now especially because I have longer nails. Gingerbread isn’t my favourite scent either so as cute as this packaging is, I will be donating it to someone else.

Full size: 4g/$7.50

I received: *FULL SIZE*

Bioderma | Atoderm Gentle Shower Gel

Bioderma Gentle Shower Gel from June 2014 Topbox

Thoughts: The only product I have ever used from Bioderma is my beloved Sensibio, so trying a shower gel is very welcome! Although, shower gels tend to feel all the same to me no matter how many bells and whistles there are.

Full size: 500mL/$14.95

I received: 100mL/$2.99

Total value of June Topbox: $33.71

Not a bad value with my favourite products being the nail polish and a new product to try from Bioderma. My July box is a little more interesting so stay tuned for that this week!

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